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Reference - What is INovaPdfOptions


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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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The INovaPdfOptions interface represents a COM object that allows the developers to set printing parameters for novaPDF SDK. This interface is derived from IDispatch interface directly.
This interface resides in the "novapi11.dll" module, that is distributed with the novaPDF SDK and is registered at install time.
INovaPdfOptions has next methods:


Profiles Management

Get / Set Profile Options

Actions options
Fonts options:
Bookmarks options:
Image watermarks options:
Text watermarks options:
Layout options:
Signature options:
Overlay options:
Content options:
Custom properties:
User tags:
Save rules:

Printers management

Register events or messages

OLE Licensing

ShellExecute Licensing

Print from launched applications

Convert Office documents

Override options