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Adrian (Softland)
Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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The AddNovaPrinter2 method adds a temporary novaPDF printer in the system
HRESULT AddNovaPrinter2(
    [in] BSTR p_wsPrinterName,
    [in, string] BSTR p_wsOEMID,
    [in, string] BSTR p_wsServicePort,
    [in, string] B STR p_wsLicenseKey


    [in] pointer to a null terminated Unicode string containing the name of the printer.
    [in] custom OEMID; for trial is "nPdfSdk11_Softland"
    [in] novaPDF Server service port number
    [in] license key

Return values:

S_OK on success or COM error code
NV_INVALID_PRINTER_NAME - a printer with the specified name cannot be added


This method must be called before printing documents and setting novaPDF options. It will add a printer in the system with the specified name. This printer will be available until DeleteNovaPrinter is called with the same printer name. Use this method if you wish to work with temporary printers.