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Partner programs

As a Reseller you can buy licenses with a discount and resell them to your clients. If you have an online presence you can get a commission for each referred sale as our Affiliate. For companies that want to distribute a custom version of novaPDF with their own products or services, we offer a Rebranding program. For more information visit the COMPARE PROGRAMS section.


The Rebranding program is suitable for companies that want to include PDF functionality under their own brand bundled with their own products.
Steps to become our rebranding partner:
  • Contact us with your requirements
  • Pay the rebranding fee
  • We deliver the rebranding file to you
  • You inject that rebranding file in your SDK/OEM package
  • You sell your own product that uses the rebranded SDK/OEM


The reseller program allows you to buy licenses of novaPDF from us at a discounted price. Then you bill your customers for the full price and deliver them the licenses when you get paid.
These are the steps to become a reseller:
  • Sign-up as a reseller
  • Your account is approved immediately
  • Login to your account
  • Buy discounted bulk or regular licenses
  • Bill your clients for the full price
  • Deliver the licenses when you get paid
You can sign-up directly below or read more about becoming a reseller.


The affiliate program allows you to receive commissions for referred sales. Add tracking links to your online channels and get a commission when someone purchases through that link.
Steps to become an affiliate:
  • Contact us explaining where you wish to promote
  • We'll send you details on signing up
  • Add tracking links on your online channels
  • Earn commissions for referred sales
You don't want to become a partner? Then you can download the trial of novaPDF and test it for 30 days without paying. If it suits your needs you can buy licenses and activate them to continue using the program after the trial ends.

Need more info? Visit the ABOUT novaPDF section to read the full product description, browse the main features, see product screenshots and check the version history.