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How to set printer options


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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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You can use INovaPdfOptions interface to read or set novaPDF SDK options.
INovaPDFOptions provides the following methods for this:
The options are saved in the current loaded profile. See Private and public profiles topic for more details about profiles.
You have to make these settings before starting the print job.
You can find the complete list of option constants that you can use in the GetOptionXXXX and SetOptionXXXX in the Profile option strings chapter. In the Include folder of novaPDF SDK installation folder you can find the definitions for all options in the next files: novaOptions.h, novaOptions.pas, Globals.bas.
Before setting the options the profile should be loaded with LoadProfile and when finish the profile should be saved with SaveProfile. Before printing a document, set the profile you wish to use with SetActiveProfile.