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Mar 29, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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The ConvertVisioDocument converts a Visio document to PDF. Internet and internal document links can be converted to PDF hyperlinks.
HRESULT ConvertVisioDocument(
    [in, string] LPCWSTR p_wsDocName,
    [in] BOOL p_bConvertCrossReferenceLinks,
    [in] BOOL p_bConvertCrossDocumentLinks,
    [in] BOOL p_bConvertInternetLinks,
    [in] BOOL p_bUseRelativePaths,
    [in] BOOL p_bChangeFileExtensionToPDF,
    [in] BOOL p_bOpenFileInNewTab,
    [in] BOOL p_bWaitPDF


    [in] Visio document name with full path

    [in] flag, if set to 1 cross reference links (links inside the document) will be converted to PDF hyperlinks

    [in] flag, if set to 1 cross document links (links to other documents) will be converted to PDF hyperlinks

    [in] flag, if set to 1 Internet links will be converted to PDF hyperlinks

    [in] flag, for cross document links, use relative paths for files

    [in] flag, for cross document links, change file extension to.pdf

    [in] flag, for pdf documents links, open them in a new tab in Adobe Reader

    [in] flag, if set function returns after pdf is saved and all actions executed

Return values:

S_OK on success or COM error code
NV_NOT_INITIALIZED - Initialize was not called
NV_OPENFILE_ERROR - failed to open the document
NV_FILEPROCESS_ERROR - failed to read document information