Supported Languages

novaPDF has its interface translated in several languages. This helps you use novaPDF as efficiently as possible, especially if English is not your native language. There is no need to download a language pack or add-on as all the languages are included in the setup from the Download page. Once installed, you can easily switch the interface to a different language. Just open novaPDF's Getting Started window, go to Tools->Language and select your language from the dropdown.

English Complete Softland
Bulgarian (български) Complete -
Burmese (mranmabhasa) Complete -
Chinese Simplified (汉语) Complete Liang Piau Suk
Danish (dansk) Complete -
German (Deutsch) Complete -
Italian (Italiano) Complete -
Korean (한국어) Complete -
Polish (polski) Complete -
Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil) Complete Claudio Mantovani Vieira
Romanian (Română) Complete Adrian Mihut
Russian (Русский язык) Complete Igor Dudyrev
Spanish (español) Complete Ricardo Ortega
Turkish (Türkçe) Complete Kaya Zeren

If you are interested in helping us translate novaPDF in a language that's not yet available or incomplete, send us an email and we will contact you with details. We reward translators with free licenses and showcase their names within the app and on this page (if they want to).