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Compare Licenses

novaPDF offers a wide array of licensing options for personal and business use. These can be fixed based on Computers / Users or concurrent like the Floating User / Floating Computer licenses.
The table below shows a comparison between the types of licenses we offer for novaPDF. You can choose whichever type of license suits your needs best.

novaPDF Licensing

Licensing details
Fixed Computer Floating Computer Fixed User Floating User
Professional Edition
Standard Edition
Lite Edition
One-time payment (no recurring fees)
Allows printing via Terminal Services
Citrix Web Interface/nFuse support
User-based licensing
Computer-based licensing
Permanently assigned
Temporarily assigned (1 hour)
Recommended for business use?
Recommended for personal use?
Lifetime licenses
Periodic reactivation
Free minor updates
Discounted major upgrades
No forced upgrade policy
Free priority support
Support for Shared Network Printing
Remote Desktop Connection support

All editions of novaPDF have both Desktop and Server functionality. novaPDF can be used as shared network PDF printer, via Remote Desktop Connection or Terminal Servers only if you own a license for each connecting computer or user that prints to it (directly, via the shared network printer or remotely).

Developer Licensing

Licensing details
Application License Component License
One-time payment (no recurring fees)
Use in ONE program/application/setup
Distribute to unlimited end-users
Use in ONE component/library/module/wrapper
Distribute to other developers
Lifetime licenses
Free minor updates
Discounted major upgrades
No forced upgrade policy
Free 6-month integration support
Royalty-free printer distribution
Free 3rd party user support
Use it to create your own PDF printer