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PDF example files created with novaPDF

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Feb 29, 2024
novaPDF 11.x
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novaPDF is a PDF creator for Windows that can convert any printable document to a PDF file. On this page you can find several PDF example files that were created by novaPDF from various programs.
All PDF examples included below were created using PDF version 1.4 so this means they are compatible and can be opened with Adobe Reader 5.x or higher (novaPDF supports several PDF versions that can be changed for each profile - see PDF Versions KB).
  • PDF Example - Encryption *(0.05Mb)*. This PDF is encrypted with 128-bit key length (novaPDF Professional can encrypt using 40-bit key lengths too). It does not allow printing or copying text from the PDF and pasting it elsewhere (the text cannot be recognized using OCR either).
While the PDF does not have a password for opening and reading it, there is a password for modifying these restrictions (Owner password). If you're using Adobe Reader you can see the restrictions by going to File->Properties and clicking the Security tab.
  • PDF Example - Password protection *(0.05Mb)*. This PDF sample file uses 128-bit key length encryption and requires a password to open it (you can open it using the password test).
To read more about password protecting PDF files see this KB article: Password-protecting PDF files.
  • PDF Example - Embedded/Subsetted Fonts *(0.7Mb)*. This PDF sample file uses the Font embedding feature in novaPDF, which means that the used fonts are also stored in the PDF file so that when the PDF is opened on a computer that does not have the used fonts, they won't be substituted (and the PDF will look as originally).
Additionally, Font subsetting can be enabled too. Font Subsetting means that the PDF file will contain embedded only the characters which are used in the document, so not all the characters for a font type.
You can see that the fonts are embedded in this PDF example (using the free Adobe Reader) by going to File->Properties->Fonts where Georgia, Tahoma and Verdana (fonts used in the document) are listed. Embedding fonts in the PDF file increases the size of the resulting PDF.
  • PDF Example - Active PDF Links *(0.05Mb)*. This PDF file shows the capability of novaPDF Professional to include active PDF links (clickable links) in the resulting PDF file.
For more information about creating active PDF links, see this tutorial: Creating active PDF links with novaPDF.
  • PDF Example - PDF Bookmarks *(8.2Mb)*. This PDF example contains bookmarks, meaning shortcuts to specific sections in the PDF file. You can see them (in Adobe Reader) in the navigation pane (press F4 if it doesn't show).
For more information about PDF bookmarks see this tutorial: Create PDF Bookmarks with novaPDF.
  • PDF Example - PDF Watermarks *(0.04Mb)*. This PDF sample file contains watermarks, a custom text and image that can be added to the resulting PDF even if it's not in the original document (novaPDF adds it).
You can read more about watermarking a PDF here: Adding PDF watermarks with novaPDF.