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Table below shows a comparison between the main characteristics of the partner programs. You can choose whichever program best suits your needs.

Discount The discount you receive from the list price Starting from 20% Up to 70% 15%
Quantity Minimum number of licenses that must be purchased 1 1 Bought by client
Cost The cost this partner program involves Discounted list price Rebranding fee plus discounted list price None, you earn commission
Payment How you can purchase the licenses? Credit Card, Wire Transfer, PayPal Credit Card, Wire Transfer, PayPal Credit Card, Wire Transfer, PayPal
Purchase Who bills you? Our ecommerce partners Our ecommerce partners Nobody
Sales Who bills the end-user? Handled by you Handled by you Our ecommerce partners
Support Who handles the support requests from end-users? Handled by us Handled by you Handled by us
Restrictions Software must be bundled with a device or service? No Yes No
Customization Elements that we can modify for you None Program name, features, images, emails and external links None
You don't want to become a partner? Then you can download the trial of novaPDF and test it for 30 days without paying. If it suits your needs you can buy licenses and activate them to continue using the program after the trial ends.

Need more info? Visit the ABOUT novaPDF section to read the full product description, browse the main features, see product screenshots and check the version history.