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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your questions:

Ordering - Is this a one-time payment? Are the upgrades free?

Purchasing a license requires a one-time payment. A paid license grants you free priority support. One license allows you to install and use novaPDF on one computer. All minor updates (11.1, 11.2, …) are free, only major upgrades (12.0, 13.0, …) are paid. You are not required to upgrade if you do not need the features introduced by the new major version.

Ordering - How do I order?

Here's how you can order a product key for novaPDF:
  • Visit the Buy Now page and select the number of licenses for the edition you need.
  • Press the Buy Now button to add the licenses to the cart. Verify that you only have the products you need in the cart.
  • Choose the payment method you want to use (Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, ...) and click on Checkout. You will be redirected to the secure order page of our online payment processor.
  • Enter your personal or company details (do not forget your VAT-ID) and follow the steps to finalize the order.
You will receive an email with the invoice when the order is approved and a separate email with the product key when the payment is received.

Ordering - How will the software be delivered after I pay for it?

Delivery time of your licenses depends on the payment method used:
  • For credit card payments, licenses will be delivered via email after the validation of your credit card (no more than 48 hours after you place your order).
  • For PayPal payments, licenses are delivered via email in up to 48 hours. Please note that only Shareit supports PayPal payments. Select Shareit in the "Buy from" drop-down to pay via Paypal.
  • For wire transfer payments, licenses are delivered via email after receipt of funds (3-4 days).
  • For local bank transfers, licenses are delivered via email after the receipt of money (5-7 days).
  • For purchase orders delivery time depends on your company's payment terms. Software is delivered only after full payment is received.
novaPDF is delivered through ESD (electronic software delivery), meaning you will receive an email with instructions to download and license it, so no physical deliveries.

Ordering - Where is my product key?

If you have paid by credit card / debit card the email with registration details should be delivered immediately. If you paid by wire transfer or placed a purchase order, the product key will be delivered only after the payment processor confirms the receipt of payment. If you didn't receive an email with registration details please contact us.

Ordering - Where is my invoice?

After you paid for a license, the invoice issued by the online payment processor will be sent to your email address, either as a downloadable link or an attached PDF file. You should download and print it out for future reference.

Ordering - Why does novaPDF still shows as unregistered even if I paid for my license?

After you purchased a license we send you an email with licensing details. You have to follow the instructions from the email to activate novaPDF.

Activation - How to activate novaPDF online?

After purchasing a license for novaPDF you have to activate it. To activate it Open novaPDF 11 Printer Manager, go to the Licensing menu and click on the Activation button. Click on Enter key and add in there the licensing information received by email after purchasing novaPDF. Click on Activate to finalize this.
For more details about activation see this article: How to activate

Activation - Why do I receive "Activation error"?

There are several possible causes. Here are the additional messages you might get and the explanations:
  • [1101] Invalid registration key – that means the key you entered is not in our database or the format is wrong.
  • [1102] Invalid computer code – that means the computer hardware ID format is incorrect.
  • [1104] This key was deactivated and cannot be used again – it means the key you entered was blacklisted.
  • [1105] Too many copies are using the same product key – it means you exceeded the maximum number of activations allowed for that key.
  • [1132] The current registration key is invalid – means the key was not found in our database
  • [1113] The current registration key is not activated – means the key you are trying to deactivate is not active.
  • [1133] This key is not valid for this application – it means the key you entered is valid for a different edition, but not for the current one.
  • [1108] This key has expired – it means you are trying to activate a key which expired
  • [1109] This key was issued for a previous version of this application – it means you are trying to activate a key from an older major version of novaPDF
  • [1151] The promotional product key you entered was already activated on more computers than allowed – it means you are trying to activate a promotional key that exceeded the number of allotted activations
  • [1134] Your license key has been upgraded and cannot be used anymore – it means you are trying to activate a key that was upgraded to a newer version
  • [1135] Your license key has been downgraded and cannot be used anymore – it means you are trying to activate a key that was downgraded to an older version
  • [1137] This product key was activated too many times on this computer – it means you are trying to activate a key that was already activated/deactivated multiple times
  • [1136] This product key cannot be activated on this computer – it means your computer's hardware ID was blocked for this key (you should contact support)

Downloading - How can I download novaPDF?

You can download the latest version of novaPDF as well as previous versions from the Downloads section:

Installing - Which operating systems does novaPDF run on?

novaPDF is compatible with the following operating systems:
Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista (32/64-bits); Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008R2

Installing - Does novaPDF run on Linux or Mac?

No, novaPDF is not compatible with Macintosh and Linux systems.

Installing - How do I find out what version I have installed?

To see what version of novaPDF you are using, open novaPDF Getting Started and go to the About tab. You'll see the version details right under the logo (i.e. Version 11.0 Build 125 - Driver version 11.0.125). You can click on See licensing information to see details about your license (i.e. which edition you have).

Installing - How do I move novaPDF to a new computer?

To move novaPDF to a new computer, follow these steps:
  1. Install on the new computer the trial version without activating it (use the 30 days trial).
  2. Deactivate novaPDF from the old computer and then uninstall it.
  3. Activate novaPDF on the new computer.
Optionally, before uninstalling novaPDF from the old computer, you can export the printing profiles and defined printers to import them in the new installation.