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Apr 08, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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The GetFirstProfile starts an enumeration of profiles, retrieving the id of the first profile in the enumeration.
HRESULT GetFirstProfile(
    [out] LPWSTR* p_pwsProfileId


    [out] pointer to a pointer to a null terminated Unicode string containing the id of the first existing profile. The caller must release the allocated memory using CoTaskMemFree.

Return values:

S_OK on success or COM error code
NV_NOT_INITIALIZED - [Initialize](initialize-help.html) was not called
NV_SERVICE_ERROR - cannot connect to novaPDF Server service
NV_PROFILE_ERROR - cannot load profiles


GetFirstProfile is used with GetNextProfile to retrieve profile names.
Sample usage:
hr = GetFirstProfile(&pId);
while (SUCCEEDED(hr) && hr != NV_NO_MORE_PROFILES) {
    // do something with pName
    // get next profile if it exists
    hr = GetNextProfile(&pId);