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Unlicensed footer notice still shows up on PDF pages after registering novaPDF SDK

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Feb 20, 2019
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novaPDF SDK sends a request to create the PDF files to the printer driver that gets installed with the package, novaPDF for SDK. By default, if novaPDF SDK is unregistered, each page from the generated PDF file will contain a footer notice (that says the application is not registered). After you purchase a license and register novaPDF SDK, that footer notice won't be included in the generated PDF files.
However, if that footer notice is still included in newly generated PDF files even if the Initialize function is called with the correct registration name and license key, here are some possible reasons:
  • The NovaPdfOptions interface is deleted before the print job is actually completed by the printer.
    This object must be in memory when the printer processes the job, so we recommend to instantiate it when the program starts and delete it only when the program exists.
  • The print job is started from a third-party component or process that is not licensed by novaPDF.
    When instantiating the NovaPdfOptions object, the process that calls it and its child processes is licensed to print to the novaPDF printer without the notice. Any other process that prints to novaPDF must be licensed by one of these functions: InitializeOleUsage / LicenseOLEServer, LicenseShellExecuteFile or LicenseApplication.
  • The LicenseShellExecuteFile and LicenseApplication functions are called only once.
    They have to be called before sending each job to novaPDF printer, they only register next print job.
  • Running a 32 bit application on a x64 Windows.
    In this case a module called "SPLWOW64.EXE" must be licensed before each print job. This module translates 32bit printer calls to 64bits and interferes between the printing application and the print spooler service. You may call this function on 32 bit systems too and several LicenseApplication calls if it is necessary for a print job.
  • If you use several major versions of novaPDF SDK on the same computer.
    They all use the same COM GUID so when installing a different version it will register its own COM version, replacing the previous one. If you wish to use more than one version of novaPDF SDK with your application(s), for novaPDF SDK version 7 use the second COM provider with a different GUID.