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Lumi (Softland)
Jun 09, 2020

novaPDF SDK 10.x, 9.x, 8.x

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You can use the novaPDF Co-Branding tool to customize the setup you have to integrate with novaPDF SDK or novaPDF OEM.

After you succeeded to integrate novaPDF SDK in your application (see the How to integrate topic in the Help file installed with novaPDF SDK) you have to follow next steps:

1. Purchase a license

If you want to remove the novaPDF SDK notice from the generated PDF files, you have to purchase a license. There are two types of application licenses:

  • SOFTWARE APPLICATION LICENSE. This type of license grants you the right to develop, market and distribute ONE program or ONE software product that integrates novaPDF OEM to an unlimited number of end users without any additional fees.
  • SOFTWARE COMPONENT LICENSE. This lets you develop, market and distribute ONE component, ONE wrapper, ONE library or ONE module that integrates novaPDF OEM to an unlimited number of developers without any additional fees. The resulting products that include the component, wrapper, library or module can be distributed to an unlimited number of end users without any additional fees.

After purchasing you will receive an email with following information:

  • License key
  • License file
  • Customization file

2. Customize redistributable novaPDF installers with your license

When you install novaPDF SDK there is also another tool installed called novaPDF SDK Co-Branding. Each developer that integrates a novaPDF SDK Developer license will receive a unique OEM ID so its novaPDF installation does not interfere with other developers installation.
In order to have an unique, licensed printer, you have to customize the setup that you will distribute with your application with the novaPDF Co-Branding tool. Run the tool and follow the wizard's steps to generate the msi. You will need the resulting customized file in step 3 below.

3. Install customized printer

For testing purposes, install novaPDF running the resulting customized setup files (MSI) in the following order:

  • novaPDF(x64).msi or novaPDF(x86).msi - each of them installs both 32 and 64 bit versions of the printer driver
  • novaPDF10COM(x64).msi or novaPDF10COM(x86).msi - install 32 and 64 bit versions of the COM
  • novaPDF10SDK(x64).msi or novaPDF10SDK(x86).msi - install the custom, licensed printer

You can install the MSI silently using the following command line instructions:

msiexec /i <msi file name> /qn

You van install the package bundle silently using following command line instructions:

<setup name> /q

To create the final release build you need to create an installation package bundle and run it.

Build an installation package bundle

If you already have an installation package for your application, you only need to add the novaPDF SDK Developer msi files to your package. If not, you can start with the installation package sample that is included when you install novaPDF SDK Developer.

Follow the steps below to create the bundle:

  1. Install WIX Toolset (
    This is a free and open source set of tools for building Windows installation packages. You will use this to create the bundle.
  2. Sign the novaPDF SDK Developer MSI files. All msi files have to be signed with a valid digital signature.
    You can sign them by running the signtool.exe tool and providing your company digital signature file. If you do not have a digital signature file you can upload the msi files on our site to be signed with Softland's signature here: CodeSign Form
    You will be requested to enter your novaPDF SDK Developer license key, your email address and the path to the msi file. You have to upload and sign these two msi files:
    • novaPDF10SDK(x64).msi
    • novaPDF10SDK(x86).msi
      You will receive an email with the download link for the signed msi files.
  3. Open the Installation package bundle sample and build the setup executable.
    In the sample you have to change the defined variables with information about your application: application name, company name, version, company site url. It is very important to change the Upgrade code to a new generated GUID, because each application should have its unique GUID so it installs separately on Windows.

4. Print without unlicensed notice

Your printer should be licensed now so the generated PDF files should not have the unlicensed footer notice.