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[novaPDF SDK] Where can I find novapk.exe?

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Nov 19, 2019
novaPDF SDK 10
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novapk.exe was used in previous versions of novaPDF SDK to create an installation package. However, it is not used anymore in newer versions of novaPDF SDK as the installation is now done with MSI files.
novapk.exe is not used anymore in newer versions of novaPDF SDK for creating an installation package. Starting with version 10, creating a custom installation package is done with msi files. When you download and install novaPDF SDK, there is a tool included called novaPDF SDK Co-Branding. This tool will allow you to inject in the MSI files the license and all parameters that you previously added in the old version of novaPDF SDK (i.e. v7) as command line parameters for installer. This tool can run even if you are using the trial, just to see how it works. You'll need to provide in there the printer name, application name plus other information and the tool will generate your msi files.
The generated MSI files have to be installed in a specific order, as described below:
  1. On Windows 32 bit install, in this order:
  2. novaPDF10PrinterDriver(x86).msi
  3. novaPDF10COM(x86).msi
  4. novaPDF10SDK(x86).msi
  1. On Windows 64 bit install, in this order:
  2. novaPDF10PrinterDriver(x64).msi
  3. novaPDF10COM(x64).msi
  4. novaPDF10COM(x86).msi
  5. novaPDF10SDK(x64).msi
There is also a sample installed with novaPDF SDK that combines the MSI files in a bundle package that generates an EXE installer. The sample uses the WIX Toolset (available from
The sample is saved on your computer here:
\Users\Public\Documents\novaPDF 10\SDK\Samples\SDKBundle
So instead of running the msi files you can run the exe generated with the package bundle. This exe will select the correct 32 or 64 bit version of the msi depending on Windows version.


To uninstall it, just uninstall the MSI files in the reverse order. First the SDK msi and in the end the COM and printer driver msi. Also, you have to know that the COM and the driver msi will not uninstall if there are other editions of novaPDF installed on the computer. This is the reason why setup is split in multiple mis files:
  • The printer driver and the com msi have the same single installation on a computer. If you run the MSI a second time, the installer will exit if the same version is detected or it will perform an upgrade if it is a greater version.
  • There can be multiple SDK msi installed for different editions/SDK licenses of novaPDF. They will all use the same driver and COM. Only after you uninstall all those SDK MSIs you will be able to uninstall the COM and the driver.
This is also the case of your development computer where novaPDF SDK Developer is installed: the COM and driver msi are already installed there, you only need to run the SDK msi to add your licensed printer. Please also read the Integration chapter from novaPDF SDK's Help file for further details.