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Profile Manager: Other - Links


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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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The Link formatting section is embedded in the Other tab of the Profile Manager and allows you to enable automatic detection of visible links in text (both local and remote links) and customize the links' appearance in the resulting PDF file.



This group allows you to choose a predefined link detection preset or use a custom one. By default there are several predefined link detection presets defined but you can add new or manage those by clicking on New / Manage. You can read more about predefined link detection presets in the Manage Presets->Links help section. A predefined link detection preset can be used by multiple profiles, while Custom settings only affect the current profile.
In order to be detected and converted, the URLs must be visible in the original document and formatted to start with: "http://", "www", "mailto:", "ftp://".

Detect file names and convert them to PDF links

If this option is enabled, the text in the printed document will be parsed and texts that will match a file name, including its path, will be marked in the PDF as links to file.

Check if file exists before linking

If this option is enabled, there will be a check if the file really exists and the PDF links will be added only if the file is found. Note that the printing and PDF generation is made on the printing server computer, so if linked files are on another computer in the network, you should mention them in the printed document with their UNC path.

Detect telephone links

When this option is checked, any telephone link that's included in the original document will be detected and enabled in the resulting PDF. The detected format is tel: and if the PDF viewer has support for telephone links it will start the telephone app.

Open file in new tab

When this option is checked, the file linked from the current PDF will open in a new tab of your PDF reader (if the PDF reader has support for tabbed reading).


This is checked by default and will add a line beneath the detected link using the color set in Override color.


This section illustrates the appearance of the current link formatting, accordingly to the detection options that are enabled.
Note: Some of the features mentioned on this page might not be available in your edition. The Professional edition includes all the features, while Standard and Lite have limited functionality. For a comparison between editions, please check feature matrix topic.