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SDK Co-Branding Tool Settings


This help topic applies only to novaPDF. If you don't have it yet, you must download it first.

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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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Your application name

The application name will appear in Windows Start menu, in Control Panel \ Programs and on the About page of the installed printer and tools.

Your company name

The company name will appear on the About page of the installed printer and tools.

Language code

Language for printer and installed tools.

Add a start menu folder

Enter the name of the Windows menu. You can also choose what links to be added in the menu (Printer Manager tool, Printer Monitor tool and Help file).

Add Printer

There can be added one or multiple printers at installation. You can also choose to not add any printer at installation time, if you wish to add them later. For each printer you can configure:
  • printer name
  • printer port name
  • if the printer should be set default printer on the system
  • associate a public profile with the printer
  • printer defaults (default paper size, resolution, orientation, scale and others)
  • printer permissions (permissions to change paper size, resolution, orientation, scale and others)


When you finish the configuration press the Inject button to create the msi files.
There will be shown a dialog asking if you wish to save the configured options in a file so you can reuse it when running again the Co-Branding tool.

Add/Modify Printer - General settings

For each printer you can configure:

Printer name

The name of the printer that you wish to install with your application.

Port name

The name of the port for the printer. Choose a name specific to your application so it will be unique. If you add multiple printers, it is better to put them on different ports, otherwise the documents will be processed sequentially.

Share printer

You can share the printer in the network and choose the share printer name.

Make printer default

You can also choose if the printer should be set as the default printer on the system.

Add/Modify Printer - PROFILE settings

Allow users to use private profiles

If users can create private profiles with the Profile Manager tool and use them when converting documents.

Show Select Profile dialog before printing

Force the show of Select Profile dialog before printing a document for all users. You can allow users to disable the dialog or not.

GUID of the active profile

The GUID of the public profile that you wish to set as default for the installed printer. You can copy the GUID from the Profile Manager, when it is opened in the Administrative mode (from the Printer Manager tool).
This parameter is not mandatory.

Add/Modify Printer - Page Defaults

The default page size for the printer can be a predefined paper or a custom paper size.

Use existing page size

Choose from one of the predefined paper sizes.
The page sizes can be changed in the Forms (.nps) file

Define new page size

You can specify a new page size to be added when installed. Enter paper name, description, width and height. This new page size will be the default page size for the printer.

Add/Modify Printer - Other Defaults

Enter printer specific default options:


Default printer orientation can be Portrait or Landscape.


Default resolution. Usually 300 or 600.


Default printer scale percent. Usually 100.


How many page copies to create. Usually 1.


If creating multiple pages, in what order to add the copies.

Maximum copies

How many copies should be maximum allowed.

Add/Modify Printer - Permissions

Users can be restricted to modify certain printer options:
  • page size
  • orientation
  • resolution
  • scale
  • copies
  • collate