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What to do if connecting to novaPDF via Citrix thin clients doesn't work

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Feb 20, 2019
novaPDF (all versions)
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If within the same network you have users connecting to a novaPDF printer from PCs and Citrix thin clients, the users connecting via Citrix might encounter errors such as "You do not have enough rights to make a connection with the printer". This might happen either because the novaPDF printer driver is blocked by Citrix or if the users trying to print via Citrix don't have enough rights to do so.
Some possible solutions to print via Citrix thin clients to novaPDF
printer are:
  • If you use RES Powerfuse, then most probably the novaPDF driver on the Citrix server is blocked by it. Look in the logs search for something like:
    The solution for this is to authorize the novaPDF driver in RES Powerfuse.
  • If you are not using RES Powerfuse then follow these steps to help you narrow down the problem:
    A. Log in with an administrative user and try to print. If it works with this one it means the regular users do not have enough rights.
    B. Once you figured out which rights you need for the users to be able to print from within the Citrix environment you should add all users to a group that has this rights, or make a special user group for them.
  • If none of the above solutions worked try to import (the latest) printer driver information within the Citrix presentation server console or try to troubleshoot the printing problem as described here: What to do if clients can connect to novaPDF Server but they cannot print via it