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What to do if clients can connect to novaPDF but they cannot print via it

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Feb 25, 2019

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Can connect to novaPDF, but cannot print any file.
This article applies to older versions of novaPDF (7.x or previous).

If client computers can connect to a print server where novaPDF is installed (for instance via Citrix thin clients) but the PDF printing does not work (it returns access denied, or it creates 0Kb pdf files) you can try to follow these steps for troubleshooting purposes.
  • First configure the novaPDF profile to save to a path on the print server that is accessible to anyone without prompting for a path. You can do this on the Save page of Printing Preferences by setting the options as:
Destination: *Network*
Save Options: *Use predefined settings (configure a local path on the printer server in the Configure Save Options dialog)*
After save Action: *None*
If this works it means that there is an access problem of the novaPDF printer driver to the home drive of the user. Be aware that novaPDF is not working on the same context as the user (being a printer driver) so it might not have the right to modify files in the current user's home path.
  • If novaPDF does not recognize the user's home path because of the same reason (working from a different context) you should configure a shared network drive accessible for all your users with read/write rights. Then change the configurations as follows:
Destination: *Local*
Save Options: *Use predefined settings (configure a the shared network drive on the printer server in the Configure Save Options dialog)*
After save Action: *None*
If after changing this the printing works, then you know the problem is that novaPDF cannot identify the current user's home directory and you'll have to configure your server so that novaPDF will recognize the user's home directory.
  • Past this step now you can change the settings back, so the user can select the folder himself using the Save As dialog (as long as he saves to a folder where both him and novaPDF have the right to create files, modify files and browse folder structures).
Destination: *Local*
Save Options: *Prompt Save as dialog*
After save Action: *None*