Saving to PDF from Adobe Illustrator

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Oct 01, 2020
novaPDF 10.x, 9.x, 8.x
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This tutorial shows how to convert an Adobe Illustrator file to a PDF document from multiple application interfaces and using novaPDF as the PDF converter.
Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic design app released and maintained by the Adobe Corporation and having similar functionality with CorelDRAW. The drawings created with Adobe Illustrator have the AI file extension and can be also opened by external applications like Inkscape or Canvas X.
The AI format is mostly used in professional environments for instance for high-quality printing or other uses that require a vectorial format. The file type also has cross platform support so it can be also managed on Linux distros and Mac computers with appropriate programs. However, due to the vector image technology used in the file type by Adobe any additional programs capable of opening it will most likely render the image as a raster one and transforming the vector data in a bitmap format.
The proprietary nature of the AI file and the very few applications that can open it makes it very difficult to manage so having it in a compressed portable format such as PDF is a very good choice for file sharing, archiving and protection. While newer versions of Adobe Illustrator have an option to export as PDF, with novaPDF you'll be able to convert the AI format to PDF and also add advanced options such as merging, watermarking PDFs, adding bookmarks and much more - features that are not in Illustrator.

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Convert AI to PDF from Adobe Illustrator

To convert your AI file to a PDF document from the Adobe Illustrator application you need to follow these steps:
  1. Browse for the file in the Adobe Illustrator by selecting File->Open or pressing Ctrl+O
  2. After making any other changes on the drawing, select File->Print or Ctrl+P and from the Printer dropdown list select novaPDF as the printer
  3. Click on Print and in the Save PDF File As dialog choose the file location and after save actions
  4. After pressing OK the PDF will be created.
Adobe Illustrator to PDF

Convert AI to PDF from CorelDRAW

These are the steps to follow when converting the AI file to a PDF from CorelDRAW:
  1. Look for your file by clicking File->Open or Ctrl+O in CorelDRAW and browsing for it on your computer
  2. Click on File->Print or Ctrl+P to open the Print window and from the Printer drop-down list select novaPDF
  3. Click on Print and after setting up the file path and other after save actions in the Save PDF File As select OK and your file will be converted to PDF.
Corel Draw AI

Convert AI to PDF from Inkscape

To convert your AI drawing to a PDF document you have to proceed in the
following way:
  1. Search for the file by clicking on File->Open or pressing Ctrl+O
  2. Click on File->Print or Ctrl+P and from the Select Printer list choose novaPDF
  3. Click on Print->OK and the file will be saved as PDF.
Inkskape AI to PDF