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Distributing novaPDF with 32bit applications that run on Windows x64

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Feb 20, 2019
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When integrating novaPDF SDK in a 32bit application that will be distributed on Windows x64 systems too, you have to take into account some aspects regarding the default behavior of our installer. One of these is the novaPDF installer that contains both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the novaPDF driver and of the COM interface. Because of its built-in automatic detection, when installing novaPDF on Windows x64 computers (via your application), the 64bit version of the driver and COM interface are installed (and not the 32bit version).
Thus, if your application is built on 32bits, there will be a communication problem with the 64bit version of the COM interface. To solve this, you will need to install the 32bit version of the COM. In this case, when running the novaPDF installer (nvsdk.exe or novapk.exe), you need to add an extra command line parameter: /RegisterWin32COM
When this command line parameter is added, the novaPDF installer will copy and register the 32bit version of the COM.
Another problem that might appear when printing from 32bit applications on x64 computers is related to the novaPDF SDK licensing. There is a Windows module called SPLWOW64 that translates 32bit printing calls to 64bit. This module has to be licensed too when you print from your 32bit application, so make sure that before you send each print job to novaPDF printer you add this call too: