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Multiple printers


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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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There can be added several printers, each of them using a different active profile. In this way, the users will decide to which printer to print instead of using the same printer and changing its active profile.
The best way to add multiple printers is at installation time. When running the Co-Branding Tool define all printers you wish to install. The msi that will be generated will add all these printer at installation.
novaPDF printers can be added also manually from the Printer Manager tool. On the first page there can be added/deleted printers and on the second page there can be set which public profiles to be used with each printer. Take care that administrative privileges are required for adding / removing printers.
Printer Manager tool can also be run silently from command line. Take care to run it with administrative privileges.
To add a printer call the PrinterManager.exe tool, from the printer driver installation folder C:\Program Files\Softland\novaPDF 11\Driver. Call it for each printer with next command line parameters:
PrinterManager.exe /silent /oem=<your OEM ID> /port=8501 /add /printer=<printer name> /printerport=<port name>
It is better to add each printer on a different port so they can work independently. When multiple printers work on the same port, the documents are processed sequentially.
To assign a default active profile for a printer call the Printer Manager tool with next command line parameters:
PrinterManager.exe /silent /oem=<your OEM ID> /port=8501 /printer=<printer name> /set /profile=<profile id>
Or you could perform both steps in one call, add a printer and set the active profile
PrinterManager.exe /silent /oem=<your OEM ID> /port=8501 /add /printer=<printer name> /printerport=<port name> /profile=<profile id>
You may see the profile id when you start the Profile Manager tool, General options page.
To remove a printer, call Printer Manager with these parameters:
PrinterManager.exe /silent /oem=<your OEM ID> /port=8501 /remove /printer=<printer name>
Other optional command line parameters for PrinterManager.exe are:
/allowprivates=true (or false) - specify if the printer allows or not private profile to be created
/showselect=true (or false) - specify if Select Profile dialog should be shown when printing
/allowhide=true (or false) - specify if users are allowed to hide Select Profile dialog