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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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novaPDF OEM is a PDF solution that programmers can use to generate PDF files that will be post-processed by their applications. novaPDF OEM can be installed on the 32/64-bit editions of these operating systems: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 2008 Server R2/Windows 8/Windows 2012 Server/Windows 10/Windows 2016 Server.
novaPDF OEM works as a normal PDF printer only that the output PDF file is saved to a location set programmatically during installation. novaPDF OEM is a post-processing solution, if you want a pre-processing PDF solution see novaPDF SDK.
How novaPDF OEM works:
  • from your program's setup you start the installation of novaPDF OEM
  • after the installation of novaPDF OEM is finished, any document sent to it for printing will be converted to a PDF file and saved in the location you've chose
  • the PDF will not be shown to the user and it must be post-processed by your application
Details regarding novaPDF OEM:
  • You don't have to integrate anything into your application. Since no integration is required your application can be written in any programming language.
  • It is mandatory to distribute the novaPDF OEM printer in your application's setup. This is done under royalty free licensing (you only pay for the OEM license).
  • You can integrate it without ordering, and purchase a license only after you have fully tested it.
  • The licensed novaPDF OEM printer allows users to create PDF files from any application with printing capabilities. The resulting PDF files must be accessible only to your application.
  • If you purchase a license you get free priority support.
You are not allowed to create a PDF printer driver using novaPDF OEM, or another application similar to a PDF printer driver (whose main purpose is to create PDF files). You can integrate and distribute novaPDF OEM with your application, as long as your application does some mandatory post-processing operations to the resulting PDF files.