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Create PDF from Microsoft Excel


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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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During installation novaPDF gives the option to install add-ins for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Visio). By default this option is checked and it will add in Microsoft Excel another tab called novaPDF that will let users create PDF files directly from the Office interface by simply clicking a button.

Create PDF files from Microsoft Excel using the add-in for Microsoft Office:

  • Open the Microsoft Excel workbook you want to convert
  • Click on the novaPDF tab
  • Optionally you can change the settings of novaPDF, or those of the add-in for Microsoft Office
  • Click on Save to novaPDF and you'll be asked for a location where to save the resulting PDF file

Configure the settings of add-in for Microsoft Office:

The add-in installs itself with default settings, but those can be modified if you need advanced customization of the resulting PDF.


This lets you manage the available PDF printers.

With novaPDF you can create as many printers as you want, all sharing the same driver but each could use a different profile. From the list of Printers you are able to choose which will be active and how to handle the PDF creation. Furthermore, if you have older versions installed, those will show up as printers too in this list.

Show one Save As PDF button

If this is checked, in the Save As PDF section of the addin ribbon tab you'll be able to choose (with a drop-down) what printer to use for creating the PDF.

Show each printer as a button

You can also choose to show a different Save As PDF button for each printer in the ribbon addin tab.

Print entire workbook

If you have an workbook with several sheets you can convert it all to a single PDF document by checking this box - this will add all the sheets in the workbook to the final PDF file.


This section lets you customize how links will be detected and converted in the resulting PDF file.


Convert links

If this is checked, all links in the current document will be detected and converted as active links in the resulting PDF file.

Web links

If checked this will convert all hyperlinks pointing to Internet addresses in the resulting PDF document.

Cross document links

If checked it will convert links pointing to other documents.
  • Use relative paths - check this to use non-absolute links for file paths (i.e. /Documents/file.pdf instead of C://Documents/file.pdf )
  • Change file extensions to PDF - when creating cross document links, all those pointing to other files can point to PDF files having the same name/path (in case those will be converted afterwise)
  • Open file in new tab - w hen this option is checked, the file linked from the current PDF will open in a new tab of your PDF reader (if the PDF reader has support for tabbed reading).

Cross reference links

If checked this will convert the cross-reference links from Word (links that point the reader to various places within the same document).


Choose whether to add bookmarks in the resulting PDF or not.


Convert sheet names to PDF bookmarks

If this is checked, sheet names from the Excel workbook will become bookmarks in the resulting PDF file.


This lets you select which printer to use, if you want to save the document before converting it or not and print the entire workbook.


Add document information

If you have any information added via document properties in the original file, you can have that recognized and transmitted in the PDF as Document Information (i.e. the Author, Title/Subject, Keywords,...). By default this option is checked.

Save before printing

When checked, it will save any changes done to the currently opened document before doing the conversion to PDF.

Print document markup

When checked, document markup will also be included in the resulting PDF file. If for instance your word document includes reviewing markup notes (i.e. comments, corrections), those will be included in the PDF file too.

Print entire workbook

If this is checked, all the sheets in the workbook will be converted to PDF.