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Lumi (Softland)
Feb 15, 2019
  • NovaPDF 9.x
  • NovaPDF 8.x

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The following article is about converting a csv file format to a pdf document by using several programs with support for the file and the novaPDF printer driver. If you do not have novaPDF installed on your computer, use the Download page from our website do download and install this application.

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The comma separated values file or CSV file is a simple file format that enjoys large support among various applications especially spreadsheet and database management programs, this is why it is used very often in moving data around in tabular version between different file types. It can also directly export data in spreadsheets from databases and vice-versa. The reason behind the csv popularity is the fact that the type exists since the early days of the internet and the networks as a mean to pass data between PC's.

Among the applications that handle csv type we have all the MS spreadsheet/word applications, the LibreOffice alternatives for those and even the Notepad. Probably the only drawback of this format is the fact that it can only handle spreadsheet-like data structured in multiple values se

ated by commas, simple or double for more complex files. Still, despite the large support, the simple formatting, the popularity, the csv files lack the interactivity and the enhancing features of a PDF for example because they purely handle data transfers. A PDF instead is a standard for archiving and portability, meaning it can be handled on a wireless device, security can be added on it for any important information by using converters like novaPDF etc.

How to convert a csv to a pdf from Microsoft Excel

To convert your csv file to a PDF, first open the csv in Excel by clicking Office Button->Open or pressing Ctrl+O and browsing for it on your computer. After that click on Office Button->Print or press the Ctrl+P combination and the Print window will open. Select novaPDF from the dropdown name list and click OK. After that, select any After Save actions in the Save PDF File As window and click OK again. The printing will begin and the PDF will be saved in the location you have chosen.


How to convert a csv to a pdf from Microsoft Works Spreadsheet

After opening the Works Spreadsheet application click on File->Open to search for the file you want to convert to a PDF or use the Ctrl+O combination. After opening the file, click on File->Print or press Ctrl+P and after the Printer window opens select novaPDF from the dropdown list. Click OK and in the Save PDF File as window click OK again. The conversion will begin.


How to convert a csv to a pdf from Microsoft Notepad

The csv to PDF conversion from Notepad is pretty simple. First open the file by pressing Ctrl+O or using File->Open. After that click File->Print and choose novaPDF in the printers list. Click Print and OK in the Save PDF File As window and the csv will be converted.


How to convert a csv to a pdf from LibreOffice Calc

For the csv to PDF conversion from LibreOffice Calc you first have to open the csv file in the interface by clicking on File->Open, then click on File->Print to open the Print window, choose novaPDF from the printer list and click the Print button. In the Save PDF File As window click OK and the file will be converted to PDF.