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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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novaPDF OEM installs files in two folders:
In "C:\Program Files\Softland\novaPDF 11" the installer will create the following folder structure:


- contains printer driver files and some tools, like Printer Manager


- contains Profile Manager files


- contains the novaPDF Server service files that works with the profile database


Sample application executable.


- contains the help files and the license files


Contains the msi files that will be injected with your application and license information t be distributed with your application.

- novaPDF11PrinterDriver(x64).msi, novaPDF11PrinterDriver(x86).msi - installs printer driver, copies the files needed for driver, service and applications
- novaPDF11OEM(x64).msi, novaPDF11OEM(x86).msi - installs configuration files (profiles database, license,...) and adds a printer
- novaPDF11OfficeAddIn(x64).msi, novaPDF11OfficeAddIn(x86).msi - installs office addin
- novaPDF11Tools.msi - installs Profile Manager tool


- novaPDF Co-Branding tool - customization tool for installers, see Customize your setup
In "C:\Users\Public\Documents\novaPDF 11\OEM" the installer will create the following folder structure:


Contains one sample application that is run after the PDF file is generated. The application receives as command line parameter the name and full path of the PDF file that was created.


The folder where the Pdf files are saved by the sample application