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This help topic applies only to novaPDF. If you don't have it yet, you must download it first.

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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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Activation allows verifying that your copy of novaPDF is genuine and that it hasn't been used on more computers than the number of licenses purchased. It prevents this way software counterfeiting (intentional or unintentional).


Free Trial/Change Trial

Before purchasing a license and activating it online you have the option of running a trial version of novaPDF. The trial version has the same features as the paid version, with the exception that when creating a PDF file with the trial you'll get a notice in the footer of each page of the PDF. This notice will not be included anymore if you pay for and activate the full version. Click on the Free Trial button to continue with the selection of editions.
Once you've started a trial, you can change it (within those 30 days) to a different edition if you press the Change Trial button.

Enter Key

After purchasing a novaPDF license you will receive an email that contains your Product key. To start using the application you'll have to validate the registration details by clicking on Enter Key and follow the activation steps, where you will be able to activate online or manually.

Buy Now

If you don't own a product key for novaPDF and want to purchase one click on the Buy Now button. This will open the browser and allow you to buy a license. To test the application before purchasing it, click on the Free trial button instead to try it for 30 days without paying.
Once activated you will also be able to see the licensing details in the main text-view: Program name, License key & details and Computer code/name.