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Working with Layout


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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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In the Profile Manger tool there is a page called Layout where different objects can be placed and arranged with anchors on the page. There can be added image watermarks, text watermarks, overlay pdf document, signature.Also the printed page content itself can be arranged how to fit on the PDF page.
For each object there can be specified the anchors relative to the page: left, right, top, bottom, center vertically or center horizontally. The values can be absolute or in percentage relative to the page width and height.
When adding such an object from source code, you have to specify all these settings that you can also find on the Layout page (anchors flags and values, size, rotation, keep aspect ratio flag). If you wish to add one of these objects in the profile, configure first how it should appear on page using the Profile Manager tool, then copy generated settings in the source code.