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Standard save dialog


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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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The Simple Save Dialog window is shown during printing if the Prompt Standard Save dialog option is selected on the General tab (from the Printing Preferences -> Manage Profiles window). This allows you to select where the PDF file will be saved and under what filename.


File name

In the file name field you can:
  • manually type a name for the generated PDF file without specifying the path, in this case the PDF will be saved in the last used folder
  • browse and select a location where the PDF should be saved
By default, if a PDF file with the same name already exists in the destination you'll be asked to overwrite it. However this can be changed if you go to Manage Profiles -> General -> Save options, click on Manage to modify the current save options profile and choose what to do When file exists (besides Overwrite there's also the option to Append/Insert the PDF).
If you want to have additional options for the PDF to be saved, such as its filename/location, opening the PDF automatically after conversion and/or send it via email, you can use the Prompt Advanced Save dialog under the Save options section.