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This help topic applies only to novaPDF. If you don't have it yet, you must download it first.

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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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Branding folder

When starting the application, you will be asked for the branding folder. This is the folder where the new msi files will be generated. You can create a new folder or use an existing one. If you choose an existing folder, the files from the folder will be deleted and the original msi installers will be copied there and injected with the new properties.

Settings file

If you already have run the tool and you only wish to change some options, select the settings file from the previous run.


There are several files that can be injected in the.msi:

Customization (.ctm) and License (.lic) files.

License file contains information about your license and Customization file is used for re-branding options. Contact novaPDF support team for more information about re-branding.
When buying a the novaPDF license will receive these two files. You should use them both to create a licensed printer.
If you do not have the novaPDF license yet, select the "Use default Customizations (*.ctm) and License (*.lic) files" option to use some files that the novaPDF provide for trial testing.

Controls (.ctl) file

Special customization file for the Profile Manager tool. Contact novaPDF support team for more information about customizing Profile Manager tool.

Forms (.nps) file

This file contains the printer forms available for the printer. This is a text file and you can modify it to distribute the forms you wish. User defined forms should have a format like this:
0;0;281;36x48 inches;36x48 inches;914400;1219200;0;0;0;0;
(increase the form number on third position and specify form width and height in thousands of millimeters)

Resolutions (.npr) file

This file contains the resolutions available for the printer. This is a text file and you can modify it to distribute the resolutions you wish. Resolutions should be values between 50 and 2400 and you can specify maximum 100 resolutions.

EULA (*.rtf)

Default EULA file is empty. You can select the EULA document for your application.

Help (.chm) file

If you wish to install a diffrent help file in.chm format.

Use only default profiles and presets

It will be installed an empty profiles database, containing only default options. The default profiles database will overwrite existing profiles database from previous installation.

Use profiles and presets you defined

If you wish to distribute some public profiles with your application, you can define the public profiles by running the Profile Manager tool. The profiles database will be included in your customized msi.

Overwrite existing profiles and presets

If this option is set, the new profiles database will be copied over existing profiles database from previous installation so the new defined profiles will be available on upgrades installations too. If this option is not set, when upgrading over a previous installation the profiles database is not copied so are kept previous profiles.

Default Files

All files from Default files folder will be included in the msi. Add there all files (image watermarks, certificates, overlay files) you wish to distribute.


When pressing the inject button the new customized msi files will be created.
The settings you filled in these pages can be saved in an ini file in the branding folder.
After running the tool, next msi files will be available in the branding folder:
  • novaPDF11PrinterDriver(x64).msi or novaPDF11PrinterDriver(x86).msi - each of them installs both 32 and 64 bit versions of the printer driver
  • novaPDF11Tools.msi - installs Profile Manager tool
  • novaPDF11COM(x64).msi or novaPDF11COM(x86).msi - install 32 and 64 bit versions of the COM
  • novaPDF11SDK(x64).msi or novaPDF11SDK(x86).msi - install the custom, licensed printer
After the msi files are injected with your custom parameters, their digital signature becomes invalid so they need to be signed again. See more details in the topic Build an installation package bundle