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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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novaPDF OEM printer network auto-install
novaPDF OEM printer can be installed on one computer and can be used by any computer in the network, without having to install it on each computer. This is to ease the work of network administrators both at installation time and future upgrades.
novaPDF OEM printer supports Point and Print technology. This means that you can install the printer on one computer on the network, share it, and you can connect to it from any other computer. The system copies the necessary files for the driver, without any user interaction. On the server there are installed both i386 and x64 drivers and you can connect from the network with any i386 or x64 computers.
You can configure private or public profiles on the printer server. Public profiles will be visible on all client computers and all users. Private profiles are visible only for the user that created them. Public Profiles can be create only when the Profile Manager is opened in the administrative mode, from Printer Manager. More then that, in Printer Manager you can set an active public profile for the printer, so all users will be forced to use this profile.
The COM has to be installed and registered on every computer that uses it., see here How to register COM.
An alternative solution is to use the reg-free registration-free COM technology that enables your application to use the COM without registering it. You just have to import the COM manifest in your application and copy the COM dll in the same folder with your application executable. (you need the novapi11.dll and novasv11.dll).