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How to register for messages


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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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novaPDF SDK generates the following events when processing a print job:
  • Document Started
  • Page Started
  • Page Ended
  • Document Ended
  • File Sent
  • File Saved
  • Print Error
  • Email Sent
  • Email Error
When the events are fired by the driver, these Windows messages are sent to a registered window handler. To receive a message you need to register your window handle with the RegisterEventWindow method. See the MFC Converter and MFC Scribble samples.
These events are fired when the print job is processed by the driver. When an applications sends a print job to the printer, the print job is added in the printer spooler queue. There might be other jobs waiting in the queue that have to be finished before your job starts. So there might be some delay between the moment the application is sending the job to the printer, the moment the job is actually processed and the time when the PDF file is saved. If you need for instance to open the PDF file afterwards, you need to register to the File Saved message and process the PDF file in this message handler.