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Working with Actions


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Mar 22, 2022
novaPDF 11.x
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Action is a notion introduced in version 9 of novaPDF. An action is a task that novaPDF printer driver will execute before or after generating the pdf file. An action can be:
- copy or delete a file
- send an email or upload to ftp/sftp
- open the pdf in the default viewer
- run another application
Actions are saved in a list and they can be arranged in any order. By default, each profile contains two action:
- the "Save PDF" action is the one that generated the pdf file; this action cannot be removed from profile and it is added in the actions list as a referring item, so other actions can be added before or after this action depending at which moment the action should be run
- an "Open PDF" action that will open the PDF after it is generated; this is the default behavior but this action can be disabled if you do not wish to open the PDF
You can:
- add new actions in the list with an AddAction call
- change action properties with SetActionOptionString, SetActionOptionLong,.... for specific action settings
- change the order in which the actions are executed using the SetActionOptionLong(pwsActionID, NOVAPDF_ACTION_INDEX, index);
- enable or disable an action without removing it from the list with EnableAction and DisableAction
- enable or disable all actions of a specific type (for instance disable all open actions) with DisableActionType and EnableActionType
- remove actions from the list with DeleteAction
If you wish to not open the PDF after it is generated simply disable all open actions like this: