novaPDF OEM Developer

novaPDF OEM Developer is a PDF solution for developers that want to add PDF creation capabilities to their applications on Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 and Windows 2008 Server/Server 2012/Server 2016. It has to be installed silently as a PDF printer directly from your application's setup. Once installed it can convert to PDF any document sent to it for printing and save that PDF in a pre-defined location.

novaPDF OEM Developer is a post-processing solution, if you want a pre-processing PDF solution see novaPDF SDK Developer.

novaPDF OEM Developer includes:

  • Customization tool that lets you configure the novaPDF OEM printer distribution.
  • novaPDF OEM documentation including a code sample
  • novaPDF OEM printer to distribute with royalty free licensing. Can be rebranded for an additional fee.

Details regarding novaPDF OEM Developer:

  • You don't have to integrate anything into your application. Since no integration is required your application can be written in any programming language and you will still be able to use novaPDF OEM.
  • It is mandatory to distribute the novaPDF OEM printer in your application's setup. This is done under royalty free licensing (you only pay for the OEM license).
  • novaPDF OEM can be fully rebranded so end-users will not see the novaPDF brand at all (rebranding is optional and requires an additional payment).
  • You can integrate it without ordering and purchase a license after you have fully tested it. When unlicensed a watermark will be added to all PDFs created with it.
  • The licensed novaPDF OEM printer allows users to create PDF files from any application with printing capabilities.
  • The resulting PDF files must be accessible only to your application.
  • You are not allowed to develop a PDF creator using novaPDF OEM. Your application must have additional relevant functionality.


novaPDF OEM Developer is fully functional with no time limitation. This means that you can download and test to see if it fits your needs, without ordering it. When it is not licensed a mention about novaPDF will be printed on each PDF page. After your order a license you will receive an email with the registration key and instructions on how to remove the notice from further created PDF files. To purchase a license visit the Developers Tools section of the Buy Now page.

There are two types of licenses available, Application and Component:

  • SOFTWARE APPLICATION LICENSE. This type of license grants you the right to develop, market and distribute ONE program or ONE software product that integrates novaPDF OEM to an unlimited number of end users without any additional fees.
  • SOFTWARE COMPONENT LICENSE. This lets you develop, market and distribute ONE component, ONE wrapper, ONE library or ONE module that integrates novaPDF OEM to an unlimited number of developers without any additional fees. The resulting products that include the component, wrapper, library or module can be distributed to an unlimited number of end users without any additional fees.

If you have multiple applications or components you need multiple licenses. Volume discounts are calculated automatically.


You are not allowed to create a PDF printer driver using novaPDF OEM, or another application similar to a PDF printer driver (whose main purpose is to create PDF files). You can integrate and distribute novaPDF OEM with your application, as long as your application does some mandatory post-processing operations to the resulting PDF files. The resulting PDF file must not be accessible to the end-user for any purposes and must be deleted immediatelly after post-processing.

Usage examples

Here are some examples of applications that could integrate novaPDF OEM: document management systems, centralized document database, online document backup systems, archiving systems, libraries, ...

For more information read the novaPDF OEM Help.