As our reseller you buy licenses for novaPDF at a discounted price and sell them to your customers at the full price. Benefits:

  • you get up to 20% discount
  • you can buy nameless keys in batch and resell them one-by-one to your clients
  • you can buy named keys (with volume discount applied) and resell them to large businesses

You can sign-up as a reseller by clicking on the button below or scroll down to see a comparison table based on the way you wish to purchase licenses (online or directly from us).

Description Buy online Buy directly
Commission. This is the reseller discount you receive. up to 20% up to 20%
Referrals. This is the reseller discount you receive for customers that we refer to you. 5%
Purchases. This is the minimum number of licenses you have to purchase.
Payment. These are the payment methods you can use. Credit Card, Wire Transfer, PayPal Wire Transfer
Delivery. This is how soon you receive the licenses after purchasing. depends on payment method 4-5 working days

Here is a quick overview on how the reseller program works:

  • You sign-up for an account here: Create account.
  • Once you've created the account, you will be able to login and access the Partners Portal.
  • There you can purchase licenses in batch to be resold one-by-one to your customers, or buy licenses for large companies (with volume discount).
  • Your reseller discount will apply automatically to your order.