You can volunteer to translate novaPDF’s interface into your language. In return we can give you novaPDF Professional licenses and you will be mentioned on this page.

If you are interested in helping us, email and we will contact you.
Language Status Credits
English English [default] -
Arabic Arabic translator needed Mohammed Al-Foulad
Bulgarian Bulgarian translator needed Vladi Naydenov | Kamen Lichev
Chinese Simplified Chinese Simplified complete Liang Piau Suk
Chinese Traditional Chinese Traditional translator needed Chris Hsu
Croatian Croatian complete Softland
Czech Czech complete CZ Translators
Danish Danish complete P. Allan
Dutch Dutch complete Erwin van Wouw
Finnish Finnish translator needed Seppo Rinta-Kauppila
French French complete Paul Berthelot | Didier Urban
German German complete Sabe Soft
Hebrew Hebrew translator needed Peter G
Greek Greek complete Βασίλειος Σαράμπης
Hungarian Hungarian translator needed Dányi Zoltán
Indonesian Indonesian complete Softland
Italian Italian translator needed Innocenzo Sansone
Japanese Japanese translator needed Tz. | BMT
Korean Korean complete Tony Cha
Lithuanian Lithuanian complete Andrius Balsevicius
Malay Malay translator needed Saharuddin Samian
Korean Norwegian translator needed John Gothard
Polish Polish translator needed Pawel Sikorski
Brazil Portuguese - Brazil complete Claudio Mantovani Vieira
Portugal Portuguese - Portugal complete Nelson Cascalheira | Ricardo Monteiro
Romanian Romanian complete Lorant Barla
Russian Russian translator needed Stanislav A. Kondratov
Serbian Serbian translator needed Predrag Nikolic | ZoNi
Slovak Slovak complete Niro Mrazik
Slovenian Slovenian translator needed Igor Lavrih | M. Rogic
Spanish Spanish translator needed Maximo Artayer
Swedish Swedish translator needed Martinsson Mikael | ChristerT
Thai Thai translator needed Manoch
Turkish Turkish complete Kaya Zeren
Ukrainian Ukrainian translator needed Stanislav A. Kondratov
Vietnamese Vietnamese complete Truong Quoc Truong

novaPDF offers multi-language support, you can see a list of languages in which the user interface is available in the table above (all language translations are included in the default setup so no additional download is required - simply select the desired language when the setup starts).