As our partner you will be able to increase sales and maximize your revenues by offering your customers a powerful PDF conversion tool. While the Affiliate and Reseller programs are suitable for individuals/small businesses, the Distributor program is recommended for large companies. You can see a comparison between these partner programs here: Partner Programs Compared.


As our distributor you can purchase licenses and sell them to your customers or other resellers. Commission levels:

  • Level 1, 30% commission (minimum sales required)
  • Level 2, 40% commission (minimum sales required)

We can also send you customers who want to purchase from a reseller (you get 5%). To learn more about becoming a distributor, visit the Distributors section.


As our approved reseller you can buy licenses at a discounted price and sell them to your customers at the full price. Reseller advantages:

  • you get a 20% discount
  • no quantity limit (you can buy even one license)
  • licenses are delivered as soon as the payment is processed

To learn more about becoming a reseller, visit the Resellers section.


As our affiliate you get a commission for each sale that comes from your site or is referred by you. Advantages:

  • no purchase necessary
  • quick set-up
  • you can manage your account online

To sign up visit the Affiliates section.


Our rebranding services are suitable for companies that want to sell PDF solutions under their own brand. As our rebranding partner you can modify:

  • name of the program
  • text on the About page
  • program icons, setup images
  • all outgoing links and emails

To learn more Contact us.