novaPDF v 6.4 was released

novaPDF v 6.4 was released today, one major improvement being the fact that it embeds restricted fonts too.
Main changes and enhancements since the release of version 6.3:
  • New: Added "Allow change folder" option when saving the PDF file
  • New: Added options to forcefully embed licensed fonts
  • New: Uses local time instead of system time for PDF creation date and time
  • New: Added scrollbars for email body message
  • New: Added Danish language for the interface
  • New: Creates folders (multiple levels) when saving pdf file, if folders do not exist
  • New: Added /PropagateActiveProfile command line parameter
  • New: Added Net user and password for overlay file, image watermark file, and saving pdf on network folders
  • Update: Moved the Advanced save options on the Profiles edit page
  • Update: HelloWorld network sample updated(novaPDF SDK)
  • Fix: Corrected bug numeric values when no decimals allowed in regional settings - numbers
  • Fix: Corrected mirrored images in printer driver
  • Fix: Corrected bug to keep the resolution set in preferences
  • Fix: COM events are unique for each printer
  • Fix: Crash in spooler (when copying LastBitBlt info in ResetPDEV).
  • Fix: Corrected some crashes in COM when calling Watermark functions (novaPDF OEM)
  • Fix: Corrected watermark positioning when being set up from SDK (novaPDF SDK)
  • Fix: Corrected an error when editing email body text (Email page)
  • Fix: When printing from Adobe Reader some characters were not converted correctly (music notes)
  • Fix: Corrected crash occuring when showing error message box on PDF save
  • Fix: Corrected some client hangs when printing particular Excel files
  • Fix: Fixed crash occuring when printing from ttf16.ocx (DrvEnablePDEV)

You can download it here: novaPDF 6.4

NEW: novaPDF 10.0.103