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VBNet Converter - SDK sample

The VBNet Converter sample demonstrates how to convert an existing file by printing it to novaPDF Printer using the ShellExecute function. It also demonstrates how to set different options and manage profiles. The same approach should be used if you print using a "Print()" method from another object (like an internet browser or a report control). Just replace the ShellExecute call with the call of your Print method.

Hello World VBNet - SDK sample

Hello World VBNet sample is a simple Windows console application that prints one page with the "novaPDF says Hello World from VB.Net" text to the novaPDF Printer. It demonstrates the basic use of the INovaPDFOptions interface with this type of code.

Word OLE VBNet - SDK sample

Word OLE VBNet sample is a simple Microsoft Windows console application that converts a Microsoft Word document (an example path for the document would be C:\Test.docx) to a PDF using Word OLE automation and the novaPDF SDK application.