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What to do if clients can connect to novaPDF but they cannot print via it

NOTE: This article applies to older versions of novaPDF (7.x or previous). If client computers can connect to a print server where novaPDF is installed (for instance via Citrix thin clients) but the PDF printing does not work (it returns access denied, or it creates 0Kb pdf files) you can try to follow these steps for troubleshooting purposes.

What to do if connecting to novaPDF via Citrix thin clients doesn't work

If within the same network you have users connecting to a novaPDF printer from PCs and Citrix thin clients, the users connecting via Citrix might encounter errors such as "You do not have enough rights to make a connection with the printer". This might happen either because the novaPDF printer driver is blocked by Citrix or if the users trying to print via Citrix don't have enough rights to do so.