novaPDF v 5.5 released!

novaPDF v 5.5 was released today.
Main changes and enhancements since version 5.4:

  • Added Import/Export profiles option
  • Added external function exit code to cancel print job in novaPDF OEM
  • Added "/RegisterWin32COM" install parameter for silent installers
  • Added "/DoNotAskReason" command line parameter for silent uninstalling
  • Added new large printing forms (A0)
  • Added Norwegian and Turkish interface languages
  • Changed temporary PDF files and logs location from C:\Windows\Temp to application data folder
  • Added error message when PDF file wasn't created "Error creating PDF file: [reason]"
  • Fixed crash when "use regional setting" was set for default language
  • Fixed crash when printing from Ms Outlook on Windows Vista MSOutlook
  • Fixed bug when converting fonts with GlyphID (forced now to unicode subetting)
  • Fixed installation bug that changed WBEM regtype to Path
  • Fixed bug when using watermark images from another computer
  • Fixed bug index returned by AddWatermarkImage
  • Fixed bug when sending emails via SMTP to multiple addresses
  • Corrected clipping path bug (in Visio drawings)
  • Corrected symbols conversion from Visio
  • Corrected conversion error for documents with different page size combinations (occured in Calyx Point, MS Word, TextMarker)
  • Corrected conversion error for Unicode characters used in Text Watermarks
  • Corrected processing speed for registered version
  • Corrected printing error when converting Word documents with embedded Excel tables
  • Corrected TransparentBlt and StrecthDIBits
  • Corrected page layout bug for Excel
  • Installer command line parameters are not case sensitive
  • Corrected Chinese punctuation conversion bug
  • Corrected error when printing to novaPDF from Adobe Reader 8
  • Corrected conversion error when original text had vertical font
  • Corrected conversion error for rotated images in Word- fixed bug with paper margins and origins when converting from Word

To see a list of all the features please visit the Features page.
We have also updated the Developer Tools to version 5.5.

NEW: novaPDF 10.0.103