novaPDF 8.3 released, with batch document conversion

A new version of novaPDF is available, 8.3, with the option to batch/bulk convert documents to PDFs and other updates/fixes. What's new in novaPDF 8.3:

  • New: Batch/bulk convert documents into a single PDF file
  • New: Batch/bulk convert documents to individual PDF files
  • Update: Improved conversion speed
  • Update: Changes to the activation & reset activations process
  • Fix: Corrected conversion for Excel documents with no text when using the addin
  • Fix: Corrected conversion for Word documents with incomplete links when using the addin
  • Fix: Corrected error "Profile name too long"
  • Fix: Crash when using Import Profiles
  • Fix: Web installer corrections
  • Fix: Corrected error when using both append and overlay

You can download it here: novaPDF 8.3

Notice to previous versions users (novaPDF 1.x - 7.x): novaPDF 8 will be installed separately and allows you to test it before deciding to buy the upgrade.

To upgrade from previous versions visit this page: Upgrade novaPDF.

NEW: novaPDF 10.0.103