novaPDF 8.2 released, with new interface changes

A new version of novaPDF is available, 8.2, which brings some changes to the user interface, updates and fixes. What's new in novaPDF 8.2:

  • New: Standard Save dialog can modify document information
  • New: You can password-protect the PDF from the Standard Save dialog
  • New: Email recipients can be modified from the Standard Save dialog
  • Update: Standard Save and Select Profile dialogs show computer names
  • Update: Show computer code on the About pages
  • Update: The default public profile is now visible in GUI
  • Fix: 1bit images are now correctly converted
  • Fix: Send email on x64 computers was not working correctly
  • Fix: Corrected send PDF to multiple email addresses
  • Fix: Distributing and using forms on client computers was not working correctly
  • Fix: Use of macros in folder names was not working correctly

You can download it here: novaPDF 8.2

Notice to previous versions users (novaPDF 1.x - 7.x): novaPDF 8 will be installed separately and allows you to test it before deciding to buy the upgrade.

To upgrade from previous versions visit this page: Upgrade novaPDF.

NEW: novaPDF 10.0.103