Word OLE (Delphi PDF) - SDK sample

The Word OLE (Delphi PDF) sample is a simple Windows console application that converts a MS Word document (C:\Test.doc) to PDF using Word OLE automation. The sample can be used to elaborate more complex code and applications with the novaPDF SDK.

Note: To be able to use the samples you must install novaPDF SDK as samples work only with it. Download it here: novaPDF SDK.

Sample Code:

program WordOLEDelphi; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} uses ActiveX, Printers, ComObj, SysUtils, Dialogs, novaOptions in '..\..\..\include\novaOptions.pas', novapiLIB80_TLB in '..\..\..\include\novapiLIB80_TLB.pas'; const //name of novaPDF Printer PRINTER_NAME = 'novaPDF SDK 8'; //Print profile name PROFILE_NAME = 'Test OLE Delphi Profile'; PROFILE_IS_PUBLIC = 0; var hr : HRESULT; pNova : INovaPdfOptions80; strOldActiveProfileID : WideString; strNewProfileID : WideString; Word : VARIANT; NewDoc : VARIANT; begin //initialize COM hr := ActiveX.CoInitialize(nil); if (FAILED (hr)) then begin System.Writeln('Failed to initialize COM'); exit; end; //create one NovaPdfOptions instance pNova := nil; hr := ActiveX.CoCreateInstance(CLASS_NovaPdfOptions80, //CLSID_CNovaPdfSource, nil, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_INovaPdfOptions80, pNova); if (FAILED(hr)) then begin System.Writeln('Failed to create novaPDF COM object'); exit; end; //initialize NovaPdfOptions and pass printer name pNova.Initialize2( PRINTER_NAME, '' ); pNova.SetDefaultPrinter(); // now the default printer is novaPDF printer but the Printer object is not updated // here is a workaround to update the Printer object with the default printer // you only need this code if you check later on the Printer.PrinterIndex to find out the default printer //Printer.GetPrinter(Device, Driver, Port, DevMode); //Printer.SetPrinter(PRINTER_NAME, Driver, Port, 0); //create a new profile with default settings pNova.AddProfile2(PROFILE_NAME, PROFILE_IS_PUBLIC, strNewProfileID); //load the newly created profile if (Length(strNewProfileID) > 0) then begin pNova.LoadProfile2(strNewProfileID); end else begin System.Writeln('Failed to create profile'); exit; end; // set PDF document Title pNova.SetOptionString2( NOVAPDF_DOCINFO_TITLE, 'Hello World Delphi Sample'); // set resulting file name pNova.SetOptionString2(NOVAPDF_SAVE_FOLDER, 'C:\'); //do not show prompt dialog pNova.SetOptionLong(NOVAPDF_SAVE_PROMPT_TYPE, PROMPT_SAVE_NONE); //if file exists, override pNova.SetOptionLong(NOVAPDF_SAVE_FILEEXIST_ACTION, FILE_CONFLICT_STRATEGY_OVERWRITE); //do not open document in PDF viewer pNova.SetOptionBool(NOVAPDF_ACTION_DEFAULT_VIEWER, 1); //save profile changes pNova.SaveProfile(); //get current default profile id pNova.GetActiveProfile2(strOldActiveProfileID); //set as active profile for printer pNova.SetActiveProfile2(strNewProfileID); //Print Word Document try pNova.InitializeOLEUsage('Word.Application'); Word := CreateOleObject('Word.Application'); Word.DisplayAlerts := 0; pNova.LicenseOLEServer(); NewDoc:= Word.Documents.Open('C:\temp\Test.doc', False, True); NewDoc.PrintOut(False); NewDoc.Close(False); Word.Quit(False); except on E: Exception do ShowMessage(E.Message); end; //restore default profile pNova.SetActiveProfile2(strOldActiveProfileID); pNova.DeleteProfile2(strNewProfileID); //resore default printer pNova.RestoreDefaultPrinter(); //release NovaPdfOptions //pNova._Release(); ActiveX.CoUninitialize(); end. 


NEW: novaPDF 10.0.103