Known issues regarding the add-in for Microsoft Visio

Page Size and hyperlinks position In order to obtain a correct position for hyperlinks in the generated PDF file, the “Print Page Size” must be the same as “Drawing Page Size” in the Visio document. Because novaPDF add-in for Microsoft Office uses novaPDF printer to convert the Visio document to PDF, if the Visio document is actually printed to novaPDF printer using the “Print page size” set in document. If the two page size settings are different, the hyperlinks position might be wrong in the generated PDF file.

If the Visio document contains several pages and the “Print All Pages” setting is set in novaPDF add-in for Microsoft Office options, all pages will be converted in the PDF file. In this case it is necessary that all pages use the same “Print Page Size” and “Drawing Page Size” setting for all pages, if they contain hyperlinks. In case the pages have different page sizes, the hyperlinks position might not be correct in the generated PDF file.


NEW: novaPDF 10.0.103