As an approved distributor you can purchase licenses of novaPDF and sell them to your customers or other resellers. Benefits:

  • you get up to 45% discount (depending on the level of commitment)
  • you can purchase nameless keys in batch and sell them to your resellers or one-by-one to your clients
  • you can purchase named keys (with volume discount applied) and sell them to your resellers or directly to large businesses

Below you can see a comparison table between the different levels of commitment. You can select the one that best fits your needs.

Level 1 Level 2
Commission. This is the distributor discount you receive. up to 30% up to 40%
Localization. This is the additional discount you receive for your translation services.
Referrals. This is the distributor discount you receive for customers referred to you by us.
Sales. This is the minimum quarterly sales amount that needs to be reached to qualify.
4,000 USD
8,000 USD
Support. Distributors provide first level support to end customers and users. first level support first level support
Payment. These are the payment methods you can use. Credit Card, Wire Transfer, PayPal Credit Card, Wire Transfer, PayPal
Delivery. This is how soon you receive the licenses after purchasing. depends on payment method depends on payment method

Here is a quick overview on how the distributor program works:

  • You complete this online form and submit it for approval.
  • Once we've approved you as our distributor, you will be able to login to the Softland Partners Area.
  • There you can purchase licenses in batch to be resold one-by-one, or buy licenses for large companies (with volume discounts).
  • Your distributor discount will apply automatically to your order.