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Kudos novaPDF

novaPDF is an outstanding product... economical and lightning fast. It runs circles around ultra-expensive, S-L-O-W Adobe Acrobat! Congratulations, for producing a gem of a product for the common man.

Louis B., received by email
Thank you for providing such an excellent program

I have now successfully registered novapdf-lite and tested it. The test page printed perfectly, both to the internal pdf printer file and the external printer. A coloured picture also saved in the pdf file perfectly, and I saved and printed a page of my own text without problems.

I think this program is excellent: it is very easy and intuitive to use, and very fast. I have been looking for a program like this for a long time. I have other programs that convert to pdf but they are slow and fiddly to use. Being able to convert straight from a Word document to a pdf file is extremely useful for sending work to external publishers, most of whom still use Apple or other platforms rather than Windows. As a international author (on Amazon, Google, etc.) I recommend this program to others, especially writers and illustrators who need to preserve layouts when sending work to publishers. I shall also consider upgrading, e.g. so I can convert and manage graphics more easily and accurately. Thank you for providing such an excellent program.

Nigel Benson, received by email

This utility is incredible! We switched from another product and our graphics look better and the files sizes were reduced considerably. Not to mention that it is fast!

Dan E., received by email
I would recommend this to anyone!

I use this program every day - it is my default printer - saves me a ton of paper and allows me to carry my "prints" around with me on my laptop, instead of dealing with a bunch of printouts. On those occasions where I do need an actual paper copy, then I just print the pdf file. One of the things that I like is that it creates the pdf file so fast - I use Acrobat Distiller on my company PC (no choice, that is what I have to use), and this is blazing fast compared to that!

Fred D., received by email

I have just tested out your product - a big thank you for the speed in which you corrected the bug. I probably shouldn't say this but I tried Adobe first with the same result - black squares. They were far from helpful and in fact rather than offer to fix the problem they offered me a deal on extending the contract - why would I want to extend, for more money, something which didn't work? The logic defeats me. Any way I will be ordering your product after breakfast and will be passing this on to other companies that have the same problem

David B., received by email

Thank you very much. As FYI, we decided to buy this because of the ratings, plus immediate ease of use. My assistant had never used PDF software before, downloaded this and was using it in less than one minute. Great stuff and great Customer Service as well.

James P., received by email
Fantastic Product, Even Better Company!

Pros: Easy to install, works exactly as promised, no need to go out and pay $200 for Adobe. The customer service and quality of this company far surpassed my expectations, I highly recommend this product & company. Cons: No cons, absolutely nothing negative to say, if you need to print to PDF (i.e. convert a file to PDF) for any reason, get the freeware then upgrade to full.

vaskulus, feedback

Your web site is really excellent, but what surprises me most is the complete mastery of U.S.–compatible English. I would have never guessed that yours was not an American company – well, maybe, because it was almost too good – except for visiting your Contact Us page and seeing the Romanian postal address. Aside from impeccable American English, your site is well laid out, easy to navigate, clear and attractive, and best of all, renders properly on a 1024x768 browser display screen. It is a marvelous web site, and I’d rate it in the top ten percent of sites I’ve visited. Congratulations on a job well done!

Fred Yontz,
Easy to use and install

Pros: Extremely easy to use and install. Program simply puts a one line statement at the bottom that says, "Created with novaPDF Printer (URL inserted here)" as part of the unlimited free use. Very awesome! Cons: Absolutely nothing!

ASkurnick, feedback
Easy download and installation

Works in every program I’ve tried it in so far. If you need to email lists or reports that anyone can open, this does the trick, and you can beat the price.

jmc452, feedback
Keep up the good work!

The thing that I like a lot about your product is that for large Word documents with lots of pictures, it doesn’t run out of memory and produces a PDF file with all the graphics rather than black squares here and there. The latter is an issue with: (1) print to PS printer then run ps2pdf; (2) Apple’s Mac OSX "print to PDF" (i.e. convert a file to PDF) function (also using ps2pdf). But not an issue with novaPDF – brilliant! I’ll try to purchase your professional version (that converts links to PDF links) in the near future. Keep up the good work!

Alex Potanin, PhD Student
Great job with novaPDF

I particularly like the fact that it allows me to password-protect files and make links active. I’ve been using CutePDF for as long as I can remember, which is great, but very limited.

Ali Almossawi,

great program, easier to use than adobe acrobat … recommended for sure!!!

xsidx,, Forum member

wow … good little utility for .PDF creation … thanks softland

cmkumar2k,, Forum member