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Some would call novaPDF Professional a Swiss army knife for PDF production, and they would not be far from the truth. As there are Swiss army knives suitable for different tasks, so is novaPDF Professional suited for certain jobs regarding PDF creation, but not all of them. Overall, the application is intuitive and flexible enough to offer regular office users an easy way to create professional-looking PDF documents from any sort of printable files.

Ionut Ilascu, Softpedia Editor

novaPDF – Print To PDF (i.e. convert a file to PDF) Without Breaking The Bank
novaPDF is a really neat tool. Basically, it’s a printer driver that prints to a PDF file instead of paper.
All right, so the concept isn’t new, but it’s still cool and cheap. At $19.95 for the Lite edition, novaPDF will convert your files into PDF format without making your wallet cry.
After downloading and installing the program (which takes all of one minute) you’re ready to print to a PDF. Any program that can print via the standard Windows printer interface can print to PDF (i.e. convert a file to PDF), including text, Word, Excel, image, and PDF files. […]
What more could I possibly say? In my opinion, novaPDF is a great product that works without forcing the user to configure anything. The convenience alone is worth the money.

Jason Pullara, LockerGnome, Contributing Editor

Most of us don’t have the tools to easily create PDFs – particularly with advanced options — and don’t want to learn a complex application like Adobe Acrobat to do so. Softland’s novaPDF is an easy-to-use tool to create PDFs from any application that supports printing. NovaPDF for Windows isn’t just another way to print to PDF – it’s full-featured PDF creator with support for password protection, document permissions, digital signing, and other advanced features.

Chris Hoffman, MakeUseOf, Contributing Editor

Editor’s Review - novaPDF Pro
novaPDF Pro can be used to generate and save PDF documents by printing with any application. It installs a new printer on your Windows system, which can be used by all the applications that support printing. [...]
Pluses: novaPDF supports multiple profiles. This means that all your settings can be easily saved or loaded. Another great feature is the program’s ability to put bookmarks into the PDF document it creates.
Drawbacks/flaws: [none]

In conclusion: This application is great for generating PDF documents out of any type of printable data.

Adrian Pampu, Soft32, Software Editor

novaPDF Standard on dottech

[...]For what it is worth, novaPDF is a good program. It creates PDFs easily, creates then quickly, and creates them well. It also has some nice and useful features you are not likely to find with freeware PDF printers, such as adding watermarks and creating multiple different profiles for users to use. Therefore I give novaPDF a thumbs up; if you want it, go get it.[...]

Ashraf,, Editor

[...]All of these features can also be found in the Professional version of the program in addition to the following. PDF created in this version of the program can be protected with passwords and secured using up to 128-bit encryption. System certificates and signatures can also be used and the option to configure document permissions enables documents to be used for a variety of purposes. Multiple PDF files can be overlaid while customisable actions control what happens when one document is longer than the other.

Mark Wilson, DownloadCrew, Online Editor

novaPDF: jak vytvorit PDF z jakékoli aplikace
novaPDF is a really neat tool.
Tvorba souboru PDF již dávno není doménou jen Adobe Acrobatu. V prubehu casu se objevila rada aplikací tretích stran, které tuto cinnost také zvládají – vetšinou za méne penez nebo zcela zdarma a s nabídkou všech základních funkcí.

Jan Polzer,, Contributing Editor

novaPDF Review in Computer!Totaal

"Zelf pdf-bestanden maken kost bij Adobe, de geestelijke vader van het pdf-protocol, al gauw ruim 400 euro. Gelukkig zijn er tal van programma’s die dat goedkoper kunnen. NovaPDF van Softland is er daar één van. […]"

Arni van der Kamp, Computer!Totaal Magazine

"NovaPDF offers a pretty intriguing option to append your PDF printing to previous PDFs, though, which can be really helpful for compiling reports and gathering web research. The PDFs it puts out also have embedded fonts for universal looks, and you can customize the metadata on them before printing. From a quick test, it seems to install and work fairly cleanly, right from the get-go."[...]

Kevin Purdy, Editor, LifeHacker

"[...] novaPDF provides a good balance between price and performance -- it's a very useable option between free and highly priced PDF creators so that you can provide PDF output capabilities to a large number of users at a reasonable cost."

Geetesh Bajaj, Indezine, Editor

[...]"novaPDF Professional is a powerful PDF printer. As you can see, it can be used to convert different types of documents into PDF format, compress PDFs, encrypt PDFs etc. It is also well integrated into MS Office so that you can keep the fonts, watermarks, bookmarks, links etc intact even after converting them into PDF format. Thus, novaPDF Professional proves to be a professional in creating PDFs."

Samuel, Guest author, Avinashtech

"I have reviewed novaPDF several times, but it was novaPDF Lite Edition review. Today I’m going to review novaPDF Professional Desktop Edition, which allow you to create PDF files from any printable documents. Different with novaPDF Lite and novaPDF Standard that have limited functionality, novaPDF Professional Edition has all enabled features."[...]

Chris Febian, Owner, Spyontech

"novaPDF provides advanced features to increase the productivity while working with PDF files. It has a high speed, is easy to create custom profiles and can be a great time saver if you are generating PDFs daily."[...]

TOPAttack Editor

novaPDF Review from Associated Content

novaPDF Creator Review
Ease of Use, Performance: 25/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features & Software 23/25
How much I enjoy 22/25
Total: 93/100

"[...]I highly recommend NovaPDF as a great and very simple way to create standard PDF documents that are fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader. novaPDF creator is an extremely easy to use and simple PDF creator"

Jeff Gedgaud, AssociatedContent, Content Producer

novaPDF Review in LarkWare

Review: novaPDF
novaPDF is a product that allows you to create Adobe Acrobat files (OK, PDF files) the easy way: by just printing from any application. That is, it installs a printer driver that intercepts the output from your applications, converts it to PDF format, and redirects it to a file.

It’s far from the only product to take this approach (indeed, I’ve linked to others from time to time), but after working with it for a while, I think that Softland did a pretty good job of hitting the sweet spot: novaPDF produces reasonable-quality output, has a good (but not overwhelming) number of options, and best of all for developers, it can be controlled via COM so you can use it as part of a larger solution. […]

Mike Gunderloy, LarkWare, Lead Developer

novaPDF Review in NeatNetTricks

[…] "NovaPDF has successfully printed every kind of document that I have sent its way, from dozens of different applications and programs, including documents, spreadsheets, graphics, photos, screen-captures, and many other specialized programs. In a couple of cases, it produced results when other print-spooler programs failed to work properly. I have found only one program that did not work, and that is a very old one. It is extremely fussy anyway, so I do not fault novaPDF at all for this particular hiccup. One of the great advantages of the files created by novaPDF, unlike some other pdf converters that I have used, is that the documents are "searchable." I have a desktop search program installed on my computer and it indexes the pdf documents created by novaPDF.

The support is excellent. In the rare instances that I sent in a support request, I received a quick response, and they dealt with any questions that I had. In fact, I did not need any real technical aid, as the program did not create any particular problems. […]"

novaPDF Review by Allan Knox

novaPDF SDK Review
Those who have a possible or definite need for a PDF Printer Driver, but limited time to test all the apparent options, may wish to note the results of my extensive evaluation of the novaPDF product – and other products with a related aim. […]

So, in summary, novaPDF meets all my PDF output needs every bit as well as Adobe in terms of quality and accuracy of output, and much cheaper, and with considerably more program control. Wpdf and Gnostice, I believe, have a different purpose and certainly a different way of addressing my needs, but did not come close (although I stress they do things to which they are more targeted very well). I have no connection with Softland, other than as a very recent and very satisfied customer, but I unreservedly recommend novaPDF and its development and support team to those with a need for a PDF driver. […]

Allan G. Knox, CCCSoftware, Developer

novaPDF Review by Lynn Page

NovaPDF Professional V 5.4 Review
"[…] If you don’t have a PDF creation application novaPDF is a good choice. You don't need to learn a complicated program. All you have to do is to click Print from an application and choose novaPDF to create PDF files. But if you need to use some of the features available for PDF files novaPDF can do that too. Add watermarks, set bookmarks, control file size with compression and set security parameters all within the print properties. You have options letting you modify paper size, print resolution, and page orientation. novaPDF’s ability to automatically detect links in a document and include them as clickable links in the PDF file is a useful feature.

So for the price you can’t beat novaPDF. Whether you just want to simply print/convert files to PDF or need more advanced features there is a version of novaPDF that should suit your needs. If you don’t have a PDF creation application you really need to consider the benefits."

Lynn Page, Newsletter Editor, Crystal River Users Group

novaPDF Review by Dale Farris

novaPDF Professional 5.4
"[…] novaPDF is one of many converters on the market. Also, it is not unusual to encounter problems with this kind of application when converting text from languages that use diacritical marks in the alphabet. novaPDF doesn't seem to have any problems with non-US characters. You can select text in the converted PDF document and copy it to clipboard, as in an unprotected PDF document from Acrobat.

Also, novaPDF will save you about $400, compared with the price for Adobe's Acrobat program that is also used to create PDF files. Instead of paying $449 for Adobe's Acrobat 8 Professional, you can pay $39.95 for the Pro version of novaPDF and do nearly everything the Adobe product will do, and you can do it with a 3.90MB download rather than Adobe's massive 273MB download, and with approximately 90% less computer resources."

Dale Farris, Reviews Coordinator, Golden Triangle PC Club

novaPDF Review in Tiempolibresite

"Direi un programma che si presenta molto bene, veramente intuitivo, forse la versione Lite è fin troppo scarna di impostazioni, poco personalizzabile, ma la versione Standard permette, con un piccolo sovrapprezzo, di personalizzare al meglio il proprio documento PDF. Concludendo un buon programma per chi necessità di creare soventemente dei file PDF."

Catania A. E. R.,, Editor

novaPDF Lite - Best of 2007
"novaPDF Lite, by Softland is a program I found when I had a need and it was so good I decided to review it. The program I had been using to create PDF files started acting quirky so I looked around for a replacement. This is what I found and it really did the job! To start with the program is very intuitive and extremely easy-to-use and that makes it perfect for both new and experienced users. [...]

novaPDF makes it easy to create top-notch PDF files that have all the features you could want. You can compress them, password protect them, print them, save them, and lots more. This is truly a full-featured program that lets you take advantage of the many features PDF files offer. So, if you've been looking for a product to help you create PDF files, you have to take a look at this one. Very nicely done -- I recommend it."

Michael E. Callahan, SIAF, Chairman

novaPDF Review by Keith Alcock

novaPDF Professional 2.5
"novaPDF is a virtual printer driver that generates PDF (Adobe’s Portable Document Format) files from any Windows application able to print. Rather than driving the printer, it writes a PDF file in much the same way that Acrobat Distiller or PDFWriter does, but for a substantially lower price. [...]

Overall, the program is straightforward and to the point. I tested printing from Microsoft Publisher, Word and Internet Explorer, Adobe InDesign and Reader, and QuarkXPress as well. The driver performed like a charm. [...]
novaPDF is a reliable and economical tool for producing PDF files and for that purpose it is very well suited. I can indeed recommend it."

Keith Alcock, Systems Programmer, Tucson Computer Society

novaPDF - Editor’s Pick
"I have given this listing [novaPDF] an Editor’s Pick something I rarely do :). Good work!"

novaPDF is a pdf creator for Windows that allows you to easily create professional quality documents in industry-standard PDF file format. Using novaPDF, everyone from novice users to professionals, can instantly create high-quality PDF files, by simply selecting the "Print" command from virtually any application. […]
This version is free, however it leaves a "created with" notice at the bottom of the pdf file. You may buy the product for $19.95 and that notice would be removed.

Jim McMahon,, Owner