Version History

Below you can read a detailed version history for novaPDF Professional Desktop (starting with version 6.0).

Changes in novaPDF 10.0.103 (14-February-2019)
  • New: Added User tags that can be detected from the original document
  • New: Custom Save Rules with support for regular expressions
  • New: Option to remove text based on formatting
  • New: Send generated PDF automatically via Outlook
  • New: Password protect ZIP attachments
  • New: Page visibility options by size and orientation
  • New: Support for multiple overlays
  • Updated: The add-in for Office applications was re-stylized
  • Updated: Advanced options for managing licenses
Changes in novaPDF 9.6.245 (13-December-2018)
  • Fix: Added Firewall exception for Log service
  • Fix: Updated names for Firewall rules
  • Fix: Save folder in Profile Manager with custom path
  • Fix: Office Addin crash when converting long bookmarks
  • Fix: Multiline links correction for the Office Addin
Changes in novaPDF 9.6.244 (6-November-2018)
  • New: 30% faster PDF creation when printing from the network
  • New: Updated several interface translations
Changes in novaPDF 9.5.243 (16-October-2018)
  • Fix: File name saved without extension when using autonumber
  • Fix: Open page after merging PDFs ignored Start Page option
  • Fix: Printing from .Net 2.0 applications returned errors
  • Fix: Co-Branding tool error when Default Files folder was empty
Changes in novaPDF 9.5 build 242 (08-October-2018)
  • New: Disable/enable user and/or owner password in the Wizard and Save dialogs
  • New: News tab in the Getting Started, Printer Manager and Printer Monitor applications
  • Update: Enhancements of the Status and Column features in Printer Monitor
  • Fix: Hyperlink conversion via the Add-in for Word was not taking into account line spacing
  • Fix: Corrections in Profile Manager on client computers when saving overlays
  • Fix: Trial period expiration was showing incorrectly
  • Fix: After save actions were not executed on server locations from 32 bits computers
Changes in novaPDF 9.4 build 241 (19-July-2018)
  • New: Added Romanian translation
  • Fix: Printing service restarts automatically if stopped
  • Fix: Corrected prompt for SMTP email address
  • Fix: Hidden public profiles (per printer) were still visible
  • Fix: Corrected problem with rotated pages in overlay PDF
Changes in novaPDF 9.3 build 240 (11-June-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into Spanish
  • Fix: Multiple GDPR compliance changes
  • Fix: Checkbox in Check for Updates to enable or disable announcements
  • Fix: Installation error logs are sent only when the user chooses to do so
  • Fix: Correction for client elevation rights when printing from IE
Changes in novaPDF 9.3 build 239 (16-May-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into Bulgarian
  • Fix: Getting Started display corrections in other languages
  • Fix: Check boxes displayed during setup are now more visible on Windows with no theme
  • Fix: Profile Manager - Actions page fix (Overlay not enabled)
  • Fix: Corrected "See licensing info" link when license management is disabled
Changes in novaPDF 9.3 build 237 (03-May-2018)
  • New: Option to open linked file in new tab
  • New: Interface is now translated into Polish
  • New: Interface is now translated into Russian
  • New: Interface is now translated into Burmese
  • New: Macro for DEFAULTFILES
  • Fix: Printer monitor tool corrections
  • Fix: FTP upload error on Windows XP
  • Fix: Page visibility problem when merging
  • Fix: Preferences dialog error
  • Fix: Simultaneous prints returned error 4351
Changes in novaPDF 9.2 build 235 (18-April-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into German
Changes in novaPDF 9.2 build 234 (29-March-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into Chinese
  • Fix: My Documents is set as default when browsing for folder
  • Fix: Licensing issue related to wrong version number
Changes in novaPDF 9.2 build 233 (21-March-2018)
  • New: Added Danish language
  • New: Interface translated into Turkish
  • New: Added Portuguese (Brazilian) language
  • New: Advanced filtering and ordering of columns in print monitor
  • New: Advanced filtering and ordering of statuses/printers in print monitor
  • New: Added macros for application run presets and other file names in profile
  • New: Macros for custom properties (XMP Metadata)
  • New: Time slots for floating licenses
  • New: Tools message when service is stopped
  • Update: Improved the printing speed
  • Fix: Crash on Layout page in Profile Manager
  • Fix: Spaces in email body content
  • Fix: Getting Started tool correction
  • Fix: Export profiles crash in Profile Manager tool
  • Fix: Watermarks on Windows Server 2016
  • Fix: Long profile names
  • Fix: Printer name macros
Changes in novaPDF 9.1 build 232 (20-February-2018)
  • Fix: Manual and online activation fixes
  • Fix: Various telemetry fixes
  • Fix: Hide notice in Profile manager for metadata and copyright from CTL
Changes in novaPDF 9.1 build 231 (07-February-2018)
  • New: Added Custom Properties as XMP Metadata
  • New: Added option to include Document Info as XMP Metadata
  • New: Option to send telemetry data
  • Fix: Print Monitor status when using server location
  • Fix: Saving the PDF using a network path with limited rights
  • Fix: Document pages reversed when merging via OpenOffice
Changes in novaPDF 9.0 build 226 (15-January-2018)
  • Update: Minor update to the Check for Updates section
  • Update: Minor interface changes
  • Fix: Corrected an error during MSI installation
Changes in novaPDF 9.0 build 223 (04-January-2018)
  • Fix: PDF Overlay minor correction
  • Fix: Printer monitor error message corrections
  • Fix: Minor changes to Check for Updates
  • Fix: Installation folder correctly set in all cases now
  • Fix: File name is now correctly suggested during save
Changes in novaPDF 9.0 build 221 (14-December-2017)
  • Fix: Show DNS/BIOS names for all license types
  • Fix: Printer Manager Licenses section fixes
  • Fix: Error updating printer port during upgrade
  • Fix: Version display error when upgrading
Changes in novaPDF 9.0 build 220 (07-December-2017)
  • Update: Start Printer Manager in admin mode when adding/removing printers
  • Update: Added translations for check for update section
  • Fix: Profile Manager crash when closing
  • Fix: Show correct paper orientation on Layout
  • Fix: Check for updates layout fixes
Changes in novaPDF 9.0 build 219 (23-November-2017)
  • Fix: Corrections for converting to PDF from the add-in for Microsoft Excel
  • Fix: Removed repair and change buttons for msi installer
  • Fix: Settings dialog change for the add-in for Microsoft Office
Changes in novaPDF 9.0 build 218 (08-November-2017)
  • New: Configurable Data Entry Wizard to set information before printing
  • New: 128 and 256 bits strong AES encryption to protect PDFs
  • New: After-save actions to upload PDFs on FTP or SFTP servers
  • New: Printer Monitoring tool for viewing printing job status in realtime
  • New: Predefined after-save actions for Opening/Running/Copying or Deleting PDFs
  • New: Option to set/edit Copyright Information for PDFs
  • New: View and filter printed documents history with option to export usage
  • New: Add printers with different paper size, orientation, resolution, copies, scaling from Printer Manager
  • New: Create shared printers and make them default via Printer Manager
  • New: Set end-user permissions for new printers in Printer Manager
  • New: Concurrent/floating computer-based licenses
  • New: Concurrent/floating user-based licenses
  • New: Fixed user-based licenses
  • New: Export/Import printers and configurations
  • Update: You can password protect the entire interface
  • Update: More options to merge PDF files
  • Update: Security password can be asked in Data Entry Wizard
  • Update: Document Info can be asked in Data Entry Wizard
  • Update: Multiple email settings can be asked in Data Entry Wizard
  • Update: Merge settings can be asked in Data Entry Wizard
  • Update: Add-ins for Microsoft Office now work with multiple printers (including previous versions)
  • Update: Design changes in the user interface
  • Update: Re-organized after save actions in Profile Manager
  • Update: SDK/OEM Co-Branding tool extended with default printer settings
  • Update: SDK/OEM Co-Branding tool creates shared/default printers
  • Update: SDK/OEM Co-Branding tool sets end-user printer permissions
Changes in novaPDF 8.9 build 953 (08-October-2018)
  • New: Added Polish language for the user interface
  • New: News tab in the Getting Started, Printer Manager and Printer Monitor applications
  • Fix: Latest browser version will be used for embedded content
  • Fix: Reading maximum allowed activations
Changes in novaPDF 8.9 build 952 (23-November-2017)
  • Fix: Removed repair and change buttons from installer<
  • Fix: Changes to the trial notifications
Changes in novaPDF 8.9 build 951 (17-August-2017)
  • Update: "Check for updates" changes
  • Fix: Fix for "Reading license" error message
Changes in novaPDF 8.9 build 950 (07-June-2017)
  • New: Added Ukrainian language
  • New: Interface translated into Burmese
  • New: Added Thai language for UI
  • New: Added Russian translation
  • Fix: Corrected signature date & time format in PDF
  • Fix: Correction for conversion of Korean fonts
  • Fix: Corrected installer on Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Fix: Various UI fixes for Getting started, Printer Manager
Changes in novaPDF 8.8 build 947 (22-February-2017)
  • New: Added Italian translation for the user interface
  • New: Added Spanish translation for the UI
  • New: Added Serbian translation for the UI
  • New: Added Bulgarian translation for the UI
Changes in novaPDF 8.8 build 946 (19-December-2016)
  • Fix: Registration comments during activation are limited to 250 chars
  • Fix: Removed obsolete Delete License button
  • Fix: Redesign for Check for Updates
  • Fix: Translation corrections for several languages
Changes in novaPDF 8.8 build 945 (28-November-2016)
  • New: Added macros for Application name, Printer name, Profile name, PDF file name
  • New: You can now configure a proxy server for activation
  • Fix: Bug when using specific special characters in the PDF save file name
  • Fix: Restoring the default active printer when using the add-in for Microsoft Word
  • Fix: Error when the printer name was longer than 30 chars
  • Fix: Importing profile from a network path failed
  • Fix: Various fixes in the Profile Manager interface
Changes in novaPDF 8.7 build 943 (28-September-2016)
  • New: Added new option for Multiple Copies to add Empty Page between copies
  • Fix: Crash occurred when trying to add printer via command line
  • Fix: Error when trying to open Getting Started in Lithuanian
  • Fix: Error reading number values with commas for watermark layouts
  • Fix: Error in particular situations when creating PDF from Crystal Reports
  • Fix: Printer driver crashed when converting documents with large bookmarks using add-in for Word
Changes in novaPDF 8.6 build 942 (27-June-2016)
  • Fix: Added new macro name for Domain
  • Fix: Windows Event log info is now added when novaPDF service fails to start
  • Fix: Fixed some issues with the add-in for Excel when converting hyperlinks
  • Fix: Corrected issues with the manual activation
  • Fix: Profile Manager was crashing for public filters
  • Fix: Minor design corrections for some dialogs
Changes in novaPDF 8.5 build 940 (08-March-2016)
  • Fix: Watermark corrections for Korean characters
  • Fix: Correction for creating PDFs with Multiple Copies option enabled
  • Fix: Show message with options when the active profile is not found
  • Fix: Minor corrections for the About page of Profile Manager
  • Fix: Show message when the novaPDF Server service stops
  • Fix: Minor corrections for the About page of Printing Preferences
Changes in novaPDF 8.5 build 939 (27-January-2016)
  • Fix: Printer Manager crashed during activation when no Internet connection was available
  • Fix: Changed novaPDF Server recovery options to restart service
  • Fix: Web installer change to verify signature & other updates
  • Fix: Show partial keys on About window
Changes in novaPDF 8.5 build 938 (23-November-2015)
  • Fix: Order of objects in the Layout view was not saved with the profile
  • Fix: Minor fixes for the content layout section
Changes in novaPDF 8.5 build 937 (15-October-2015)
  • New: Added German language for the user interface
  • New: Added Croatian language for the user interface
  • New: Added Indonesian language for the user interface
  • New: Added Vietnamese language for the user interface
  • Update: Reduced setup file size
NOTE: Starting December 31st, 2015 novaPDF version 6.x and 5.x will no longer be supported. If you are still using one of these older versions we highly recommend an upgrade to version 8. This will ensure you get the latest updates and email support. Furthermore, novaPDF 7.x (and previous) has not been tested on Windows 10 so we cannot guarantee full compatibility. If you plan to use Windows 10 you should upgrade to novaPDF 8.x.
Changes in novaPDF 8.4 build 936 (23-September-2015)
  • New: Added 14 languages for the user interface - Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Korean, Lithuanian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Turkish
  • New: Fully compatible with Windows 10
  • New: Added option to Export and Import version 8 profiles
  • Update: Settings in the Collate and Copies fields are now remembered
  • Update: Added option to disable "Verify file creation"
  • Update: Added "Check for Update" task for older Windows version
Changes in novaPDF 8.3 build 934 (16-July-2015)
  • Update: Added shortcut for Activation Client in start menu
  • Update: Added major version number for all the start menu tools shortcuts
  • Update: Added after Save parameter "%2" (program that started the print job)
  • Update: Setup files are served from CDN
  • Fix: Replaced blurry icon in Startup
  • Fix: Last save date uses milliseconds
  • Fix: Check for updates button is hidden when used as shared printer
Changes in novaPDF 8.3 build 933 (09-June-2015)
  • Fix: Corrected activation problems when network is disabled
  • Fix: License key is pre-validated in the activation window
  • Fix: Licensing corrections when upgrading the program
  • Fix: Setup add/remove port monitor corrections
  • Fix: Setup correction for set default printer
Changes in novaPDF 8.3 build 932 (14-May-2015)
  • Fix: Version correction when upgrading from 8.0 to 8.3
  • Fix: Reduced size for the web installer
Changes in novaPDF 8.3 build 931 (12-May-2015)
  • New: Batch/bulk convert multiple documents into a single PDF file
  • New: Batch/bulk convert documents to individual PDF files
  • Update: Improved PDF conversion speed
  • Update: Improved the activation & reset activations process
  • Fix: Corrected conversion for empty Excel documents when using the addin
  • Fix: Corrected conversion for Word documents with incomplete links when using the addin
  • Fix: Corrected "Profile name too long" error
  • Fix: Crash when using Import Profiles
  • Fix: Corrected some problems in the web installer
  • Fix: Corrected error when using append and overlay at the same time
Changes in novaPDF 8.2 build 929 (3-March-2015)
  • Fix: Error during profile import from previous versions
  • Fix: First print from Internet Explorer had errors in certain situations
Changes in novaPDF 8.2 build 927 (10-February-2015)
  • New: Standard save dialog now has options to set document information
  • New: Added option to set password for opening PDF from the standard save dialog
  • New: Email recipients can be modified from the save dialog
  • Update: Changed save and select profile dialogs to show computer names
  • Update: Show computer code on About when licensed
  • Update: Default public profile is now visible in GUI
  • Fix: 1bit images are now correctly converted
  • Fix: Send email on x64 computers was not working correctly
  • Fix: Corrected send PDF to multiple email addresses
  • Fix: Distributing and using forms on client computers was not working correctly
  • Fix: Use of macros in folder names was not working correctly
Changes in novaPDF 8.1 build 923 (27-January-2015)
  • Fix: Setup corrections for errors showing during installation
  • Fix: Default option for profile is now hidden in profile manager
  • Fix: Recipients and templates from Email presets are now hidden
  • Fix: Import profile corrections for colors
Changes in novaPDF 8.1 build 922 (13-January-2015)
  • Fix: Show computer code on About in Profile Manager and Printer Manager
  • Fix: Fixed various errors shown during the app installation
  • Fix: Installation log files now contain extra information
Changes in novaPDF 8.1 build 921 (16-December-2014)
  • Fix: When installation fails users can send log files to support
  • Fix: Corrections for client computers when converting via the addin for Microsoft Office
  • Fix: "The language not corresponds to the loaded files" error corrected
  • Fix: Watermark color was modified when importing a profile from an older version
  • Fix: Added root bookmark options in novaPDF SDK
Changes in novaPDF 8.1 build 920 (24-November-2014)
  • New: Import Profiles (from previous versions) to Profile Manager)
  • New: Added firewall exception for service port during setup
  • New: Added custom paper size option
  • New: Smaller PDF files due to compression algorithm updates
  • New: Several interface updates
  • Update: Updated Counter macros to set the number of digits
  • Update: Updated Startup application to open Profile Manager and Printing Preferences
  • Update: Window positions are now saved
  • Update: Layout objects can be dynamically defined for the SDK
  • Fix: Security encryption can be enabled without setting a user password
  • Fix: Fixed minor PDF conversion issues
Changes in novaPDF 8.0 build 915 (05-August-2014)
  • Fix: Spooler dependent services are stopped during installation to prevent errors
  • Fix: Removed several unnecessary start/stop actions for the print spooler
  • Fix: Support option is offered when installation fails
  • Fix: Small fixes for activation in some particular situations
  • Fix: Small fixes for conversions from Excel and Visio
Changes in novaPDF 8.0 build 911 (03-July-2014)
  • Fix: Check for updates window now shows up only when a new update is actually available
  • Fix: Activation window showed up when upgrading to a new build even if it was licensed
  • Fix: Activating on Windows XP or 2003 Server encountered some problems in certain situations
Changes in novaPDF 8.0 build 910 (25-June-2014)
  • Update: Offline installer is now digitally signed
  • Update: Offline installer doesn't require an internet connection
  • Fix: Sharing the printer between different OS versions wasn't working correctly
Changes in novaPDF 8.0 build 909 (24-June-2014)
  • New: PDF Linearization (PDF files optimized for the web)
  • New: Create PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b compliant PDF files
  • New: MSI installer for easy deployment
  • New: Possibility to add different print queues and ports
  • New: Driver certification for Windows 7 / 8 and Windows Server 2008 / 2012
  • New: Extended PDF view options (transition effects, possibility to hide menubar/toolbars/user interface elements)
  • New: Completely redesigned interface
  • New: WYSIWYG layout for managing watermarks and signatures
  • New: Added predefined SMTP servers (AIM, AOL, Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail/Live, Yahoo)
  • New: All auto-fillable fields now support macros
  • New: Added predefined Microsoft Office heading styles for bookmark detection
  • New: Added Security profiles to choose easily what to allow (everything, only printing, changes, copy-paste)
  • New: New link detection presets (detect only web links or file links)
  • New: Added silent print option
  • New: Added new predefined forms with realtime preview
  • New: Included text watermark templates (confidential, date/time, draft, page index/count)
  • New: New image watermark presets (confidential, draft, placeholder)
  • New: Predefined templates for overlays (generic, invoice, letterhead)
  • New: New predefined signatures (basic signature, generic, sample)
  • New: Windows 8 desktop app certification
  • New: Redesigned installer
  • New: Automatic updates
Changes in novaPDF 7.7 build 400 (13-June-2014)
  • Fix: Fixed watermarks error on x64 systems
Changes in novaPDF 7.7 build 394 (24-Oct-2013)
  • Fix: Added version information in Programs list
  • Fix: Font subsetting didn't work correctly for some Type 1 fonts
  • Fix: Added numbering to PDF bookmarks when converting headings from Microsoft Word
  • Fix: Display issues for the About window on Windows 8
Changes in novaPDF 7.7 build 393 (20-Aug-2013)
  • Fix: Corrected the usage of star character in macros
Changes in novaPDF 7.7 build 392 (24-May-2013)
  • New: Added a new command line parameter for the setup, when this parameter is used the add-in for Microsoft Office is not installed
  • Update: Added the possibility to use apostrophe characters in the command line
Changes in novaPDF 7.7 build 391 (9-May-2013)
  • New: New parameter (%2) for After Save actions
  • Update: Increased text watermarks size to 256 chars
  • Fix: Correction for PDF/A conversions (validation report errors for the OCProperties entry in Doc Catalog)
  • Fix: Image conversion corrections (radio buttons were not converted correctly, in certain cases also image color was different)
Changes in novaPDF 7.7 build 388 (14-Feb-2013)
  • Fix: Corrections for hyperlink conversions when using the Excel/Word add-in
  • Fix: Corrected overlay behavior when using the "Rotation" option
  • Fix: Corrected conversion errors for documents with symbolic fonts (Roman symbol encoding)
Changes in novaPDF 7.7 build 387 (9-Oct-2012)
  • New: novaPDF is now fully compatible with Windows 8
  • Update: Various optimizations for image conversions
  • Fix: Corrections for Content field in email body configuration
  • Fix: Fixed several memory leaks
Changes in novaPDF 7.6 build 382 (16-May-2012)
  • Fix: Printing from Internet Explorer crashed in certain situations
  • Fix: Fixed the /InstallonlyNewerVer setup parameter
Changes in novaPDF 7.6 build 381 (10-May-2012)
  • Update: Changed the hash algorithm for image optimization
  • Fix: Conversion corrections for text with ColtFont font
  • Fix: Changed font names for subsetted fonts to have correct ANSI characters
  • Fix: GUI crashed when adding text watermarks in certain scenarios
  • Fix: Signature didn't work correctly in certain situations
Changes in novaPDF 7.6 build 379 (16-March-2012)
  • New: Added Macros for Text Watermarks (page number, date/time, doc/file/profile/user name, workstation, doc info)
  • New: Multiple copies of the same page/document can now be converted to a single PDF file (with or without Collate)
  • New: novaPDF can now be installed using parameters from a single setup configuration file (instead of using the parameters one by one)
  • Update: After installation is successful, you have the option to open the website for tutorials, documentation and other resources
  • Update: Optimized conversion when using Unicode fonts (i.e. documents in Tamil language are now accurately converted)
  • Update: When using the Publisher Addin, the printing process is not cancelled even if the user does not have rights to set printer page size
  • Fix: Corrected language selection depending on regional settings
  • Fix: For silent installations, a novaPDF icon was briefly shown in taskbar, now it won't show up anymore
Changes in novaPDF 7.5 build 378 (1-March-2012)
  • Fix: Corrected overlay with rotated pages
  • Fix: Corrections for converting Type1 fonts with custom embedding
  • Fix: Added a parameter for command line installation called PROGRAMFILES (X86)
  • Fix: The Save As dialog will always be on top of other windows
Changes in novaPDF 7.5 build 377 (18-January-2012)
  • Fix: Changed font names for subset fonts to have correct ANSI characters on documents containing Chinese fonts
  • Fix: For fonts that didn't have italic characters, novaPDF calculated an angle for skewing that increased with every character, now is fixed
  • Update: Modified text on About window and changed footer notice for unregistered versions
Changes in novaPDF 7.5 build 376 (22-November-2011)
  • Fix: Conversion of rotated text in CAD drawings
  • Fix: Spooler crash when printing from IE9
  • Fix: Overlay error in some situations
  • Fix: Several memory leaks
  • Fix: Problem with grayscale conversion
Changes in novaPDF 7.5 build 373 (3-October-2011)
  • New: Add-in for Microsoft Publisher
  • New: Add-in for Microsoft Visio
  • Fix: Corrected bookmarks for the Microsoft Word add-in
  • Fix: Corrected behavior for Microsoft Word add-in when used from Outlook 2003
  • Fix: Conversion correction for overlay images
  • Fix: Corrected problem when converting files with long name
  • Fix: Minor corrections for PDF/A (CIDSets)
  • Fix: Corrected conversion from Visio when backgrounds were used
  • Fix: Fixed delete watermark message
  • Fix: Corrected behavior when appending using the add-in for Office
  • Fix: Corrected Terminal Services message for Desktop editions
Changes in novaPDF 7.4 build 369 (28-July-2011)
  • Fix: Corrected a problem when printing from Internet Explorer 9
  • Fix: Links in encrypted PDF files were sometimes damaged
  • Fix: Tiff files printed from PageMaker were not converted correctly
  • Fix: Corrected downsampling error for 8bpp images
Changes in novaPDF 7.4 build 367 (9-June-2011)
  • Fix: Corrected the installation process on Windows XP (32-bit) when the x64 folder does not exist
  • Fix: Corrected the Append to PDF process on client computers
  • Fix: Corrected an overlay error with pages that have TrimBox
Changes in novaPDF 7.4 build 365 (1-June-2011)
  • New: Added new predefined page sizes
  • Fix: Fixed some Print Spooler hangs on client restart on 32 bit Windows 7 computers
Changes in novaPDF 7.4 build 363 (2-May-2011)
  • New: Added /InstallOnlyNewerVer parameter for command line installations
  • New: Added an option to cancel the print job
  • Fix: Corrected installation on Windows 2000
  • Fix: Correction for Greek character conversions
  • Fix: Corrections for watermarks with public profiles
  • Fix: Correction for rendering patterns
Changes in novaPDF 7.4 build 361 (1-April-2011)
  • Fix: Correction in the add-in for Microsoft Word, when filename contained Greek characters
  • Fix: Owner password is required now in the Security tab on Save As dialog too
Changes in novaPDF 7.4 build 358 (14-February-2011)
  • New: Added root bookmark option
  • Update: Optimized the monochrome image conversion
  • Fix: Lines created with Highlight in Windows Journal are not printed
  • Fix: Small correction for PDF Overlay
  • Fix: In some cases bookmarks were not created correctly using the Add-in for Microsoft Word
Changes in novaPDF 7.3 build 355 (15-December-2010)
  • New: Added full version info for startup application (novapdf.exe from the Program Files directory) to improve version detection for update managers
  • Fix: Corrected Type1 font subsetting (Monospac821 BT Type 1 font was not correctly embedded)
  • Fix: Corrected link detection behavior (links not containing dots were not detected, such as http://machinename:8000)
  • Fix: Corrected emailing other attachment files having blank characters in filename
  • Fix: If "Send email" option is selected with "Open email client", the email was not opened if no details were set for email receipient and body text
Changes in novaPDF 7.3 build 353 (1-December-2010)
  • New: Added an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Fix: Embed fonts lists correction
Changes in novaPDF 7.2 build 351 (18-November-2010)
  • Fix: Corrected a crash when printing from Excel in special conditions
  • Fix: Corrected printing emails with long attachments from Lotus Notes
  • Fix: Corrected embed Type1 fonts (Print Spooler was crashing)
  • Fix: Corrected vertically written fonts conversion error
Changes in novaPDF 7.2 build 350 (26-October-2010)
  • New: Added PDF version 1.7 in the list of available versions (1.5 default one)
  • Update: Change public profiles file name to not contain computer name
  • Fix: Corrections for profiles used in SDK
Changes in novaPDF 7.2 build 349 (22-October-2010)
  • New: Added back port monitor due to access problems for local ports
Changes in novaPDF 7.2 build 348 (19-October-2010)
  • Fix: Corrected Print Spooler hang on client computer restart
Changes in novaPDF 7.2 build 347 (14-October-2010)
  • Update: Removed port monitor, now using a local port instead
  • Fix: Corrected some conversion errors for symbol characters
Changes in novaPDF 7.2 build 346 (7-October-2010)
  • Fix: Corrected missing characters when printing from Publisher
  • Fix: Corrected add-in for Microsoft Office Word 2010 when using brackets in document name
  • Fix: Optimized PDF size when overlaying with an jpeg image PDF file
Changes in novaPDF 7.2 build 345 (20-September-2010)
  • Fix: Corrected newlines in email body
  • Fix: Corrected A0, A1,... paper sizes on Vista and Windows 7
  • Fix: Corrections for Excel images
  • Fix: Corrected installer crash when importing profiles
Changes in novaPDF 7.2 build 344 (7-September-2010)
  • New: Extended Email functionality
  • New: Added macros for folder name in Save settings
  • New: Added Profile name macro for file and folder names
  • Fix: Fixed images from Excel 2010
Changes in novaPDF 7.1 build 343 (26-August-2010)
  • Fix: The temporary files after an append operation for desktop editions were not cleaned up, now they will be deleted
  • Fix: A default profile was created each time profiles were imported, now default profiles aren't created during import
  • Fix: "Prompt Save As dialog" "When file exists" offered to save the PDF in a different folder by default, instead of the original folder
  • Fix: Corrections for the Romanian translation
Changes in novaPDF 7.1 build 342 (28-July-2010)
  • Fix: When canceling the Select profile dialog, the print job would still run
  • Fix: Appending to a PDF with bookmarks, while keeping the Enable Bookmark feature on, resulted in a spooler crash
  • Fix: Signature generation error for large PDF files
  • Fix: Crashes occured when creating PDF files with OpenType fonts and embedding those
What’s New in novaPDF 7.1.341 (6-July-2010)
  • Update: Changed default high color compression to JPEG
  • Fix: Add-in for Excel cancelling processing when errors
  • Fix: The dll for sending emails was not loaded on Windows 2000
What’s New in novaPDF 7.1.340 (17-June-2010)
  • Update: Optimized the size of resulting PDFs after appending (PDF with images)
  • Fix: Do not hang when printing Word documents with embedded files
  • Fix: Install even if EnumPorts fails
  • Fix: Setup translations correction
What’s New in novaPDF 7.1.337 (3-June-2010)
  • Update: The add-in for Microsoft Office is by default docked
  • Update: Optimized the size of resulting PDFs after appending
  • Fix: Various language corrections
What’s New in novaPDF 7.1.336 (14-May-2010)
  • New: Add Hebrew language to user interface
  • Update: Optimized PDF file size for documents with Asian characters
  • Fix: Corrected selection on edit fields on Paper page (when pressing TAB the selection didn't switch correctly)
  • Fix: Compatible with Windows 2000 now (didn't work before)
  • Fix: Several corrections to the Add-in for Microsoft Office
  • Fix: Corrected usage of Default profile on clients when private profiles are not allowed
  • Fix: Watermark char "©" on Chinese systems is now printed correctly
  • Fix: Append/insert/overlay PDF files with security now work correctly
What’s New in novaPDF 7.1.332 (12-April-2010)
  • New: Added visibility layers for watermarks
  • New: Added Document Creator option
  • New: Added Page Scaling options
  • New: Added option to remove PDF after emailing
  • New: Added Lithuanian language
  • Fix: Changed default compression for high color images to zip
  • Fix: Rendering corrections (including outlined text)
  • Fix: Add-in for Microsoft Word ignores links with error and processes rest of the document
  • Fix: Do not hang printer queue if client is not available (log off)
  • Fix: Fixed page orientation from Excel, Word, TextMaker and others on x64
  • Fix: Corrected PDF/A namespace
  • Fix: Fixed create new predefined form
  • Fix: Changed About tab for SDK and OEM editions
  • Fix: Fixed platform string on About page
  • Fix: Corrected OEM parameters (OEMSaveLocal)
  • Fix: COM events separate on TS sessions (SessionID)
What’s New in novaPDF 7.0.330 (2-March-2010)
  • Fix: Corrected font left clipping
  • Fix: Fixed /HidePrinterPages
  • Fix: Fixed /NoInstallifExists - allow for all editions, not only for SDK
  • Fix: Unicode Innosetup - Unicode command line params
  • Fix: OfficeAddin - automatically attached to a novaPDF printer, if only one installed
  • Fix: Use local time instead of system time for creation date and time
What’s New in novaPDF 7.0.329 (18-February-2010)
  • Fix: Corrected Danish language
  • Fix: Updated Korean language
  • Fix: If a printer exists with the same name and different driver, gets deleted before install
  • Fix: Removed register dialog from Advanced save (SDK only)
What’s New in novaPDF 7.0.327 (4-February-2010)
  • New: User interface translated in Malay
  • New: User interface translated in Thai
  • New: Add Registration-Free COM in C++ "Hello World (network)" sample (SDK)
  • Fix: Conversion problem with page orientations in Word documents
  • Fix: 0 byte PDF files created when checking rights, now gets deleted and recreated
  • Fix: Licensing error mesage
What’s New in novaPDF 7.0.326 (27-January-2010)
  • Fix: Save dialog didn't show on top of other windows on Windows7 x64
  • Fix: Crash on Win7 x64 computers in some situations
  • New: Added "single computer" restriction to OEM licenses
  • New: Added the Signature page for HidePrinterPages parameter
What’s New in novaPDF 7.0.325 (19-January-2010)
  • Fix: Registered succesfully message box showing even if wrong key was entered (x64 computers)
  • Fix: Corrected duplicated fonts problem (virtual memory)
  • Fix: Solved a problem when printing images from Adobe Viewer
  • Fix: Registry handle leak
What’s New in novaPDF 7.0.323 (11-January-2010)
  • Fix: Minor fixes regarding the add-in for Word (filename and some links positioning)
  • Fix: Fixed problem appending PDFs from FireFox when logged in with standard user
  • Fix: Fixed truetype fonts with SO_GLYPHINDEX_TEXTOUT
What’s New in novaPDF 7.0.322 (17-December-2009)
  • Fix: Bug in signature operation (zero width and height)
What’s New in novaPDF 7.0.321 (4-December-2009)
  • Fix: Minor fixes regarding the add-in for Excel
  • Fix: Fixes for printing on some BitBlt raster operations
  • Fix: Unicode problem for symbol fonts (Windings)
What’s New in novaPDF 7.0 (12-November-2009)
  • New: Added option to digitally sign PDF files
  • New: Type1 fonts are now supported
  • New: novaPDF now includes add-ins for Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)
  • New: Added a start page to allow quick access to create PDFs
  • New: Fully compatible with Windows 7
What’s New in novaPDF 6.4 (11-August-2009)
  • New: Added "Allow change folder" option when saving the PDF file
  • New: Added options to forcefully embed licensed fonts
  • New: Uses local time instead of system time for PDF creation date and time
  • New: Added scrollbars for email body message
  • New: Added Danish language for the interface
  • New: Creates folders (multiple levels) when saving pdf file, if folders do not exist
  • Update: Moved the Advanced save options on the Profiles edit page
  • Fix: Corrected bug numeric values when no decimals allowed in regional settings - numbers
  • Fix: Corrected mirrored images in printer driver
  • Fix: Corrected bug to keep the resolution set in preferences
  • Fix: Crash in spooler (when copying LastBitBlt info in ResetPDEV).
  • Fix: Corrected an error when editing email body text (Email page)
  • Fix: When printing from Adobe Reader some characters were not converted correctly (music notes)
  • Fix: Corrected crash occuring when showing error message box on PDF save
  • Fix: Fixed crash occuring when printing from ttf16.ocx (DrvEnablePDEV)
What’s New in novaPDF 6.3 (7-April-2009)
  • New: novaPDF can create now PDF/A-1b (RGB) compliant PDF files
  • Update: Optimized speed for PDF overlay process
  • Fix: Correction for 8-bit bitmaps conversion (when printing emf files)
  • Fix: removed the Register button and register text from the novaPDF SDK printer
  • Fix: Corrected a problem with temporary licensing for site licenses
  • Fix: Crashes occurred when using some specific images as watermarks
  • Fix: corrected bug in PDF overlay (when page mediabox was set in Pages dictionary)
  • Fix: corrected an error when printing files with big path or file name)
  • Fix: Corrected cross-ref- table format (20 bytes)
  • Fix: fixed a bug in extended save dialog
  • Fix: corrected "Show Save As dialog" option on x64 systems when printing from Win32 applications
What’s New in novaPDF 6.2 (25-February-2009)
  • New: Added "Stay on Top" option for the "Extended Save" and "Select profile" dialog windows
  • New: Added "Security" options in the "Change Options" window (shown when using Extended Save)
  • Fix: Corrected behavior when printing specific images from Google Chrome (32-bit bitmaps with alpha channel)
  • Fix: When printing from Crystal Reports the name of the PDF will not include "Crystal Reports - " anymore
  • Update: Optimized the PDF merging process (append/insert) for multiple print jobs
  • Update: Network sources are now accepted when selecting PDF files to overlay with
What’s New in novaPDF 6.1 (30-January-2009)
  • New: Added a Change Options button on the Advanced Save window that offers shortcuts to setting Document information, Graphics options and Email information
  • New: Added informational page in the start menu group (describes how to create pdf, register novaPDF, and contact options)
  • New: Added silent cancel printing (when pressing cancel from a Save As dialog printing stops immediately without other notices)
  • New: New character allowed in PDF filename (&)
  • Fix: Fixed image conversion (monochrome, grayscale, downsample) when printing from Internet Explorer
  • Fix: Corrected append PDF files error on x64 systems
  • Fix: Fixed crash on Vista x64 when closing Printing Preferences
What’s New in novaPDF 6.0 (2-December-2008)
  • New: Added option to append content to an existing PDF file
  • New: Added option to insert content in an existing PDF file
  • New: PDF Overlay option added
  • New: New option to "Create temporary profile for each printing job"
  • Update:It's now possible to Show Select Profile dialog when printing
  • New: New Extended Save dialog added