novaPDF v 6.3, with PDF/A support

novaPDF v 6.3 was released today, one major improvement being the fact that it creates PDF/A-1b (RGB) compliant PDF files.
Main changes and enhancements since the release of version 6.2:
  • New: novaPDF can create now PDF/A-1b (RGB) compliant PDF files
  • Update: Optimized speed for PDF overlay process
  • Update: added a new parameter to the WaitForNovaEvent function in novaPDF SDK and novaPDF OEM
  • Fix: Correction for 8-bit bitmaps conversion (when printing emf files)
  • Fix: removed the Register button and register text from the novaPDF SDK printer
  • Fix: Corrected a problem with temporary licensing for site licenses
  • Fix: Crashes occurred when using some specific images as watermarks
  • Fix: corrected bug in PDF overlay (when page mediabox was set in Pages dictionary)
  • Fix: corrected an error when printing files with big path or file name)
  • Fix: Corrected cross-ref-table format (20 bytes)
  • Fix: fixed a bug in extended save dialog
  • Fix: corrected "Show Save As dialog" option on x64 systems when printing from Win32 applications

You can download it here: novaPDF 6.3

NEW: novaPDF 10.0.103