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How to install (or uninstall) novaPDF silently

novaPDF can be installed via the command line too. This is useful if you want to install it silently and have it already configured using a set of command line parameters. Here is an example of a command line instruction that: novapo.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NOCANCEL /NORESTART /PrinterName="novaPDF Test"

Unlicensed footer notice still shows up on PDF pages after registering novaPDF SDK

novaPDF SDK sends a request to create the PDF files to the printer driver that gets installed with the package, novaPDF for SDK. By default, if novaPDF SDK is unregistered, each page from the generated PDF file will contain a footer notice (that says the application is not registered). After you purchase a license and register novaPDF SDK, that footer notice won't be included in the generated PDF files. However, if that footer notice is still included in newly generated PDF files even if the Initialize function is called with the correct registration name and license key, here are some possible reasons:

Installing novaPDF OEM with command line parameters

novaPDF OEM is a virtual PDF printer that developers can use when needing a post-processing PDF solution. Installing novaPDF OEM should be done only via the command line parameters, as this is the only way it can be configured. Parameters used for this purpose are detailed in this article.

Distributing novaPDF with 32bit applications that run on Windows x64

When integrating novaPDF SDK in a 32bit application that will be distributed on Windows x64 systems too, you have to take into account some aspects regarding the default behavior of our installer. One of these is the novaPDF installer that contains both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the novaPDF driver and of the COM interface. Because of its built-in automatic detection, when installing novaPDF on Windows x64 computers (via your application), the 64bit version of the driver and COM interface are installed (and not the 32bit version).

What does "Mandatory post-processing operations to the resulting PDF File" mean for novaPDF OEM?

The mandatory post-processing operations to the resulting PDF files is a restriction for novaPDF OEM in order to stop developers from creating a PDF printer driver which would compete directly with our PDF printer driver and also to stop the end-users from simply creating PDF files with printer driver delivered via novaPDF OEM.

[novaPDF SDK] - Do I have to open or activate a profile before trying to set an option for the printer driver?

When setting the options via the COM object (novaPDF SDK) you don't have to activate a profile before. You can set options for a profile that is not active but you have to be sure that that profile is created before you set the options. If no profiles are created, then all options will be made in the default profile.

[novaPDF SDK] - I want to change novaPDF printer option settings, do I need novaPDF SDK for that?

The answer to this question is Yes; you can change the novaPDF printer options programmatically using our COM interface and the SetOptionsXXX functions (everything you need for changing the options is included in the novaPDF SDK package).

How to install novaPDF

The following tutorial shows how to install novaPDF successfully on your computer. To be able to install novaPDF you need to have administrative rights. The installation process itself takes just a couple of minutes and all you need to do is follow up on the instructions for the novaPDF installation wizard.